Is testing for TCE and PCE required for cities for testing the public drinking water quality?

I was wondering because I recently moved and looked at the water quality report of my new city. It does not indicate TCE and PCE, but my previous city's water quality report did include both of these. Found it a bit odd because where I am currently is full of industries and factories and one would think there would be plenty of these two chemicals. Or even if minute amounts were detected, shouldn't it be included in the report?

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    there is at least a possibility that these chemicals are not present and are tested for anyway from time to time.

    it is an example of the radon gas exposure. if you live in an area where uranium is not present, the testing for radon is not required but you could test to verify that the abscence of radon is still a valid condition.

    i would suggest that you contact the water department and ask about the testing for this compound. if it is not there, doing the test is not necessary all the time.

    when a water source is to be considered, a battery of tests are done on it, whether it is surface or subsurface water. i have done 3 of these in iraq and everything is tested for. a battery of tests like you would not believe.

    i would like to go into more detail, but it is very complicated and would require more time than i have. suffice to add that some tests like checking for arsonic, and other compounds used in industry are constantly monitored due to illegal waste dumping by some who should be punished in court

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    Why, if they are telling us MERCURY is good for us in trace amounts (madatory vaccines are good for you!) , why test for something they already KNOW is in the water ....becausssse they put it there! Kinda like weapons of mass destruction... we KNOW they had them.. we sold 'em to 'em!

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