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1994 Ford Bronco - what are your opinions on this truck? A classic worth keeping?

I'm just curious to know what you all think of the Ford Bronco in general. I have 94 that i've had for almost 4 years & it has been very good to me for the most part (besides gas mileage of course!). I just paid it off & only drive it part time right now - I have a Ford Taurus i use for a family rig most of the time cuz it gets better mileage, but i like driving my Bronco so much better, & feel much safer in it than my car. The problem is, it has almost 150,000 miles on it & the tranny has been acting up on & off for the past year or so, but no major, obvious problems yet. I know if i try & sell it now, i wont get much as it is a huge gas hog. It has a professional lift kit, large tires, lighted visor, nice paint, side-step thingies (what do you call those?), & other misc. extra's & is overall very nice looking & runs pretty good. I really want to try & keep it as I know they are no longer made & in my opinion they are a classic. What do you think - is it worth it?

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    Broncos are AWESOME!. Your's being a 94 probably has the E40D tranny which was an alright tranny. If you get it rebuilt, it would probably be a good idea to beef it up a bit since you have the lift and bigger tires. A better torque converter and a shift kit will help tons. I know what you mean by her being thirsty as I own 3( 87 eddie, 88 xlt and 89 xlt) and have had them for years. unfortunately all of them have been recently retired to occasional use duty as I purchased a better on gas vehicle too. but don't doubt for a second that they won't be worth something in the not so distant future. look at the "EB's" and the "Big" broncs, they usually can't be found anymore in good shape for much under $10k and in really good shape, I've seen them all the way up to $16k.80's and 90's models are already on average at about $3-$9k( in good shape) I've even seen a very rare MINT 96 that a guy from ford owned, bought it, drove it home and parked it, it had 36 original kms on it, still even had all the showroom stickers and everything on it, it was sold for $37,000!!! and a restored 85 xlt go for $15,000! So yup the potential is there, just have to fight off the rust! Yes they are notorious fuel chuggers and gas isn't going to get any cheaper but....they don't make em any more and there are fewer by the day.Of course there are more points awarded the higher the trim level, but hell I've seen customs go for over $5k(really good shape) .I just hope yours isn't really rusty, it's along ways to the other side of that hill! I don't plan on selling mine for quite some time,I've put alot of time and $$$ into them and they've basically become family pets.I'd even buy the new one if they ever bring it out(please! oh please!) in my opinion , definately a truck to hang on to and enjoy. And since you now don't drive it all the'll enjoy it that much more when you do. Good luck, Keep the Broncs alive!

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  • Worth it, you will always regret giving up you rig. Besides, if it uses a lot of gas let it sit and only take it out on weekends and stuff. If not people are willing to pay pretty good money for K-Series Blazers and Big Broncos.

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    I agree with the above, If you like the Bronco keep it, when you get your transmission rebuilt, I'm sure its a E4OD, they will use upgraded parts add a internal support and bring it up to date. When they rebuilt my 93 F150 transmission it cost around $2000. the 200,000 mile warranty was $200 extra but well worth it. Good luck and enjoy your Bronco....

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    They don't make Bronco's any more, and they are classics, that's for sure.

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    Browse all the forums, and there are forums for the model, engine size, transmission, and offroad forums.

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    Go ahead and replace the trans and that engine, with good maintenance will keep doing well for you. If you can manage to keep it, just hang to it as a toy. I did that with my '95 Mustang GT, I just use it as a pleasure vehicle now, use it when i want somethign different.

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    No one knows what it will be worth in the future,but if you like it keep it.

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    get rid of it as soon as possible

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    keep it they don't make them anymore

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