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Flight attendants?

I used to be a flight attendant (commercial). Now, i'm trying to get on with a corporate/charter airline. Is there anyone out there who is currently doing this, and if so, can you help? It seems it's hard to get on with a corporate airline. Any suggestions on corporate airline names, contacts, etc.?

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    Here is the list of information I have for corporate networking. My area of expertise is more in the Commercial Aviation sector, so I recommend you follow up any requests for Corporate information to Susan Friedenberg.

    Tim Kirkwood, Author

    The Flight Attendant Job Finder & Career Guide

    Visit my blog:


    Susan C. Friedenberg

    Corporate Flight Attendant Training & Services

    241 South 6th Street

    Suite 1806

    Philadelphia, PA 19106 USA

    Telephone # 215-625-4811

    FAX # 215-413-9013

    This training program is designed for the person who wants a career as a business aviation flight attendant. Our training has been taught for almost nine years and 84% of the people we have trained are all successfully flying either full time or on a contractual basis for Fortune 500 Corporate Aviation Flight Departments throughout the US and Europe. It is a detailed and comprehensive training for the person that has no aviation experience at all as well as for the commercial flight attendant that wishes to transition from Part 121 to Parts 91/135. Our focus is on the necessary skills, tools and the basic standard operational procedures utilized by most corporate business aviation flight departments. You will learn who the corporate flight attendant is and the actual way in which to do the job from start to finish. It is a three day training curriculum that details our specific job related procedures. We will teach you business applications that will enable you to be successful in this work, catering, the trip from start to finish and in depth international trip planning.

    It outlines in great depth an abundance of catering information, marketing tools, managing yourself as a business, corporate flight department interaction, international trip planning, professional image development, corporate client culture and the A-Z's needed to be a successful corporate flight attendant. In every training a "corporate specific" known caterer in the US co-teaches the communications skills a corporate flight attendant must know and the ways in which to expedite an order after you have designed it for your trip. This three day training is taught in Long Beach, CA. Philadelphia, PA. Boston, MA. Denver, CO. Atlanta, GA. It is also taught in conjunction with FlightSafety International at their Learning Centers in Atlanta and Teterboro throughout the year.

    We have done in-house training's for corporate flight departments globally and also conduct a very powerful one on one training called Interview For Success Training for Business Aviation.


    National Business Aircraft Association

    1200 Eighteenth Street NW Suite 400

    Washington, DC 20036-2506

    General Telephone # 202-783-9000

    Corporate Flight Attendant Liaison: Jay Evans; Telephone # 202-783-9353

    General business aviation association dedicated to share and promote safety, ideas, standards, and operational procedures for corporate/business aviation. The membership is approximately 50,000 people worldwide.


    Alteon Cabin Safety and Service Training for Business/Corporate Jet

    Long Beach Training Center

    4900 Conant Street

    Long Beach, CA 90808,

    Alteon, a Boeing company, offers all-inclusive Cabin Safety and Service training for corporate and business jet crewmembers. With a 5-day Initial, 3-day Transition and 2-day recurrent program, all crewmembers can hone and polish their skills for normal operations, emergency situations and food service and handling.


    Flight Safety International

    Gulfstream Learning Center

    P. O. Box 2307

    Savannah, GA 31402

    Telephone # 800-625-9369

    Contact: Louisa Fisher/Lori Harvey

    Initial & Recurrent "Corporate Specific" Emergency & First Aid Training.

    This program utilizes both time in the classroom and offers real-life situation drills

    in the corporate cabin trainer, and the mock up of an aircraft and over wing exit area over an Olympic sized pool. Excellent real fire fighting drills.


    MedAire, Inc.

    80 East Rio Salado Parkway

    Suit 610

    Tempe, Arizona 85283

    Telephone: 480.333.3700


    Contact: Kathleen Sieperman, vice president of education services.

    As an education resource to aviation professionals, MedAire offers a variety

    of medical training courses - both instructor-led and web-based. The

    company also helped co-author the first-ever Manual of Inflight Medical

    Care, an instruction manual written to provide flight crews with

    step-by-step guidance on what to do during an inflight medical emergency.


    Aviation Personnel International

    P. O. Box 6846

    New Orleans, LA 70174

    Telephone # 504-392-3456

    Fax # 504-392-3458

    Contact: Janice K. Barden - Industrial Psychologist

    This is an aviation industry placement service for all positions within corporate aviation.


    Survival Systems Training USA

    144 Tower Avenue

    Groton, CT 06340

    Telephone (TOLL FREE) 888-386-5371 or 860-405-0002

    Fax # 860-405-0006

    Contact: Richard E. McInnis - Vice President

    Survival Systems Training Inc. instructs pilots, aircrew and passengers in water aircraft ditching emergency and escape procedures, as well as rescue and sea survival techniques. Survival Systems also provides U.S.C.G. Approved open-water sea survival training under all climatic conditions for both aviation and marine interests. Conveniently located at the Groton-New London Airport in Groton, Connecticut. Our sophisticated training center features a 100,000 gallon (30’W x 40’L x 14’D) training tank and the most advanced aircraft ditching simulator in the world, the Modular Egress Training Simulator (METS™). The METS™ demonstrates real-time aircraft immersion and inversion, and features exit-specific technology that replicates more than a dozen types of fixed-wing and rotary aircraft.


    Facts Training International / AirCare International, Ltd.

    3633 - 81st Avenue SW

    Olympia, WA 98512-7461

    Telephone # 800-754-9805

    Fax # 360-754-1911

    Contact: Dorene Mykol

    A systematic human factors approach to crewmember emergency and first aid training geared for corporate aviation. Hands-on drills and practice on cabin emergency simulators providing a realistic experience.


    Beyond and Above

    Corporate Flight Attendant Training

    Mary Lou

    Our philosophy is to train corporate flight attendants to be the best in the industry.

    Beyond and Above is rated as the #1 corporate flight attendant training provider.

    Our Flight Attendants possess exquisite culinary skills, poise, and the sophistication that reflects a meticulous work ethic.

    Our Flight Attendants understand and demonstrate that confidentiality and discretion are of the utmost importance.

    Our flight attendants have the sensitivity it takes to anticipate clients' needs and the knowledge to satisfy them.

    Our Emergency Training follows the FAA Guidelines and is taught in a precise and simple to learn format.

    After graduation, our Flight Attendants will receive employment leads and job referrals with total follow through from Beyond and Above.


    Women In Corporate Aviation

    Contact: Elizabeth Clark - Chairperson

    This a group of aviation professionals including flight department personnel, FBO managers, writers, students, training center professionals and many others. From their first meeting at the Women in Aviation Conference in 1993 to their growing organization today, they have networked and promoted career opportunities in business aviation.


    Women In Aviation International

    Contact: Peggy Batey Chabrian - President

    Women in Aviation, International is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the encouragement and advancement of women in all aviation career fields and interests. Our 5,500 + membership includes astronauts, corporate pilots, maintenance technicians, air traffic controllers, business owners, educators, journalists, flight attendants, high school and university students, air show performers, airport managers and others.


    Aviation International News

    214 Franklin Avenue

    Midland Park, New Jersey 07432

    Telephone # 201-444-5075

    Fax # 201-444.4647

    The magazine of Business, Commercial, and Regional Aviation.

    Extremely informative!


    Erica Sheward's Training Program:

    Food Safety, Security, Food Borne Pathogens, Passenger Health & You

    Castle Kitchens Executive Catering

    Castle Farm Estate

    The Hollow

    Washington, West Sussex RH20 3DA

    Telephone (from the USA) 011-44-1903-891400

    Fax (from the USA) 011-44-1903-891414

    Contact: Erica Sheward


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    NetJets is the leader right now. But Flight Options is out there as well. Both are good places to work for FA's and pilots alike. I don't know if they are hiring but they both have websites that you could check out. Maybe Flex Jet as well?

    Good luck

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