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Are goldfish social creatures?

I have three goldfish that I got from a store in Chinatown. Everytime I come near the tank, they all come together and swim right up to me and look as if they are begging for food. If I put my finger up to the glass, or if I move to another part of the tank, they follow me. I was at the fish store in Chinatown a little while ago, and every fish there in every tank did that and they would follow me. It's almost like they're saying "Pick Me! Pick Me!" If I tap the glass. they don't swim away, it's like they're not scared of me. When I feed my fish they all gather and I sometimes think they're gonna jump right out of the tank. Any explanations?

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    This is completely normal. Goldfish are known to be social, but I believe they are coming to you because they are hungry. Also goldfish are not the type of fish that is easily scared. It is common for them to get along with other fish, and live for years. Goldfish are one of the most hardy fish out there.

    Goldfish are known to be hungry all the time and eat everything you put in front of them. YOu have to be careful with this factor because the goldfish can become sick and the more they eat, the more waste comes out of them causing you to change the water more frequently.

    Your goldfish sound fine and happy in their environment. I would not be concerned. If they are very hyperactive, this is normal as well so don't panic.

    When it comes to feeding goldfish it is important to put enough food in there for a five minute feeding.(not a pinch here or there). I know this is going to sound like a lot of food, but it is not. They will eat it all trust me. A five minute feeding consists of about a half a lid of flakes. If you fill the small fish food container(the smallest they sell) about half full of fish food, that should give you a rough estimate of a five minute feeding. That is what I do for my 3 goldfish and they eat it all and then their activity level drops a bit because they are full. That is one sign to know if you have fed them enough.

    Hope this helps and congrats on your new goldfish!

    Hope they live a long life for you.

    Source(s): personal experience and the help of some research.
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    The girl above me is right. Goldfish will eat themselves to death. They don't know when they are full. It's weird really. But that's good for cleaning the tank if you need to net them out or anything then they don't hide and run!

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    goldfish are very hungry creatures. Theyre always hungry. They just watch you because they think you might have food. dont give in all the time though! theyll get sick if they eat too much, and it can pollute the water! :)

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    in spite of the undeniable fact that i'm particular there are benifets to have a pair of them they do no longer realy would desire to be in a team. yet i wouldn't in any respect think of of them as unfeeling, there substantial prioritys are to eat and mate in spite of the undeniable fact that it somewhat is purely instinc. They realy d. Have there very own personalitys in case you had one for long sufficient you're able to desire to be sure there perks. and a few of them opt to be puppy!

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