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Have you ever had drop calls from a credit card company?

I'm currently arranging an IVA due to debts that I can no longer afford, but keep getting drop calls from them.

Apparently, so they say, they are allowed to call me twice a day, which quite frankly is irritating, and in my eyes - harrassment.

Have you had such calls?

If you want to have some fun, and get your own back as I am doing, phone in the UK 0870 759 1159 and put the phone down when they answer.

Risk Management Alternatives are going to have a busy day

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    wow ive received "dropped calls" from chase several times today and I keep receiving different answers. Keep calling if they annoy you you should have the right to annoy them

    when I call they hate it but when they call 12 times a day it is harrassment for sure tell them you will call them

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    In the United States,I do believe that is harassment. I would have a trace put on my phone and have every call recorded, so that I could say "Hello is anyone there" and have the recording of all the calls show this.

    I just saw a scary movie about credit card tactics. It's called "Maxed Out" it's about American credit card companies and the tactics they use. One man sued for late fees when he knew he had sent in payments. Because of him and his website,they lost a huge lawsuit bought on by the government that found employees were INTENTIONALLY shredding customer check payments just to charge a late fee!

    So please don't be a victim,many times you are actually right and they have committed a criminal act!

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    >>properly at present i'm getting a decision at 5pm from Capital Ones legal experts telling me they desirous to no longer pursue the case any more and grow to be going to be dropping the case and that i grow to be no longer needed for courtroom on Wednesday. basically to make certain I wasn't false impression something I requested "So i do not could bypass to courtroom on Wednesday and that i'm no longer longer in default in this mastercard?" and they reported definite have an outstanding day and hung up.<< As I see it, there are 2 different possibilities, so enable's artwork by them: possibility A: Capital One actual desirous to drop the case. possibility B: Capital One did not settle on to drop the case. So, how does showing up or no longer showing up in courtroom play in. If this is possibility A, and also you're taking position, you'll study the case grow to be dropped, and also you may bypass abode. in case you do not take position, you may bypass abode. If this is possibility B, and also you're taking position, you'll clarify your case to the decide, and he will issue a ruling depending on what he's heard from you and from the collector. in case you do not take position, he will provide the collector a default judgement for the finished volume they're suing for. The decide *couuld* also issue a bench warrant for you no longer showing up (it really is rare, even though it has occurred in the previous) once you look at it, there are 4 possibilities on the topic of you showing up at courtroom or no longer showing up at courtroom. In each and each and every project, no longer showing up at courtroom is both an similar, or seriously worse, than showing up. moral of the tale: take position on your courtroom date.

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