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    Frankly speaking, I believe that English is not a subject only to be learnt from the schools. Aside from studying in an evening school, please consider to take the following advices.

    I learnt my English from work indeed in the past 20 years. If you are already a working guy, you must have a lot of chances to get in contact with English correspondences and conversations with your fellow workers or clients.

    Read carefully how English speaking people write their emails or faxes, memorize them and try to fix them to your writings. Grab all the chances you can even say "hello" or "goodbye" to overseas visitors. It will buy you the courage to step out to the English world.

    If you put your effort only at the school time and then hide yourself behind the opportunity of using English, it's just a waste of time and money.

    A simple example, are you using "Chinese" or "English" menu on your mobile phone? Try sticking to the English menu and within a week or two, you'll get used to them. Read all the road signs and advertisement boards on the streets, forever, there are both English and Chinese. All these are free of charge and they are realistic application of practical English, right?

    Hope the above helps you a bit to improve your command of English.

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    試試看這個看英文短片的網站, 有中英對照, 以及英美政治家的演講, 你可以從最簡單的開始, 慢慢地就聽得越來越多了.


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    你可以報讀政府夜中學 ( 港專 )

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