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If my ex makes $100,000 a year how much child support should I get for 3 kids?


I am from Ohio, he is cheating on me and he is a jeweler that has many watches that were worth alot of money and he took them and he is able to sell them. I have no proof he even had them. He also came into my work place and he told me he was divorcing me--I had no clue.

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    Here is a good link for Ohio's child support caculator.

    Just fill in the blanks, and do the math. Even if you don't know all of the info, fill in what you can. It will give you a ball park figure of what he will be ordered to pay. The allowance for other children living with you that are not a part of the order #5. has gone up to $3300.00, so don't use the $2550.00 that they have listed, use the $3300.00 instead, if it applies to either of you. If all 3 kids are his then this doesn't apply to you.

    I'm in Ohio too, and everytime my husbands child support comes up for review this is the link I use, and I'm usually only off by about $20 one way or the other, so I really recommend the accuracy of this site.

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    There are various factors to take into consideration like your income but I would generally say around $2,000 for the 3 kids. It's merely an estimation. Then there's the medical insurance situation to also look into. Unfortunately, for you, him being a cheater or a Jeweler has no real basis for child support. Child support remains in effect until the children become adults. Alimony or divorce settlements are another matter. You may have additional cause for actions by your attorney.

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    You should only get enough for basic "support" of the kids. Food, clothing, medical/dental insurance is no more than $500 per month per kid. However, you will get much more. The courts are in your favor and have a preset amount based on how much your ex makes. Feel lucky the system is not fair.

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    it all depends on how much money you make if you have a good income the amount will be less

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    It's much more complicated than that. No one could give you an answer just based on his income.

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    I believe it is 20% of the husband's income; but that is for one child, I'm not sure for multiple children.

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    That my dear is usually set by the judge

  • what state do you live in . look it up on your p/c. for your state

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    don't be the bi*ch exwife..

    be resonable and don't clean him out..

    unless he cheated on you.. then fry him lol

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    Not going to go there.

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