Is Hanna Beth, Martin Johnson's girlfriend the girl he mistook to be his "Heroine" in Hero/Heroine?

-Hanna Beth ( is Martin Johnson's girlfriend.

-Martin Johnson is the lead singer of Boys Like Girls

-The music video is the restaurant/robbery version of Hero/Heroine

My question:

What was Hanna Beth's role and/or character in the Hero/Heroine video?

I think it might be the girl he thought from the back was his "Heroine," but I'm not sure.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    hanna beth is actually with trace cyrus from metro station, not martin from boys like girls (yes..trace is miley's brother)

    i don't know about her and martin in the PAST so it very well may be something that happened a while ago. wasn't the hero/heroine video shot over a year ago? i remember seeing it last year...that song has been out forever. it just took almost 2 years to get mainstream

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