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You heard about all the bees that are dying, right?Did you know genetically modified foods could be the fault?

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    I had to pollinate our fruit trees last year using a bird feather.

    This year, I'm already expecting to do the same. We used to enjoy watching the little honeybees, and were even familiar with a couple of the ones that would frequent our blackberry patch, but this past year, we didn't see any of them :(

    One of them had a weird little pattern of spots instead of stripes or a solid abdomen. He loved the part of the berry patch that was in the shade in the late afternoons.

    This stuff just makes me want to cry.

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    Albert Einstein is supposed to have said:

    “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.”

    Either way, this is scary and we must hold our governments accountable. These things happen due to electromagnetic interference (the confusion of the bees and their difficulty finding their way to their food supply and hives). And possibly GM crops and airborn factors as well. They nuked our oceans, islands, deserts, and our food supply (from said oceans) to test their bombs, so killing off bees is nothing to the criminally insane butchers who run our government. Anything for a buck and to be in control of the world and it's resources!

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    Genetic engineering is the most dangerous science on the planet. has the potential of destroying a lot if not all life. Scary stuff.

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    in response to spock, there is no food shortage. The government pays farmers to not plant so that their isn't a surplus and prices are kept high. We could grow lots more food than we currently do if we needed to,

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    Hmm... whatever happened to the theory of cell phones killing the bees

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    could be global warming caused by sun spots, too.


    what do you want to do? stop all progress until every possible consequence has been throughly proved false?

    if so, please go back to farming in the 18th century fashion like the Amish.

    Source(s): meanwhile, the world has a food shortage, in case you hadn't noticed, and more food is needed to prevent starvation among children in Africa. so decide which is the priority -- gmfs or starvation.
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    The one thing that I am certain of is that the more we tamper with nature, the more nature will deal with us like a virus.(destroy us)

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