Do women bull riders have their own Association, or are they allowed on the PRCA?

I am writing a book about a woman bull rider. I looked up the Women's Pro Rodeo Association, and there are no bull riding events listed. Does this mean if the women want to compete, they have to join the PRCA and compete with the men? (Is this even allowed? Where would I find rules about this sort of thing?)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    We may have spoken before by phone. I would be happy to do so again. There are several answers to your question.

    1. Some women bull riders belong to the Women's Professional Rodeo Association. The WPRA currently co-sanctions some rodeos with other associations so in effect there are WPRA rodeos in which these women who are members can do ride.

    2, Not all of the women riding professionally belong to WPRA. They do not belong to any association. They ride in independent rodeos and bull rides

    3. A woman may earn a permit card from the Professional Rodeo Cowboy's Association (PRCA) to ride bulls in PRCA sanctioned rodeos. None currently have done this. You would have to contact the PRCA to learn the specific rules.

    4. I do not know what the Professional Bullriders Association rules are about women competing. You would have to contact them.

    5. I produce independent women's bull riding events in which WPRA members and non members compete.

    You can visit my web site or send me an e-mail or give me a call if you have more questions.

    Mike Donnell

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  • 4 years ago

    Art, I think that you are stretching thins here. This is clearly (to me) Paul's opinion of women. He says that he does not.... You take this to a general statement that women should not hold ..... Paul's opinion, to me, is not a law or God's view of women's roles. Sorry. I too am a servant of God and Christ, and I feel that if this (women's roles position had come from God, it would have been one of the Ten Commandments. After all, God gave us some simple rules about how to live, and how to treat our fellow humans. I feel that making stretches such as you have made here are actually counterproductive in converting others to Christianity, and do actual harm as well. I love you, Captain, but please don't stretch the rules. Regards, Dan

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