Significant figures?

what are they? how do i do them??!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    As the term implies, significant figures are figures or numbers that are significant to the answer

    Take for example:

    a. original number is 12345, anwer in 3 significant figures would be 12300. From the left only the 1st 3 figures are counted. Rounding off not affecting the answer.

    b. Similarly, if we have original number as12355, answer is 12400. First 3 figures but need to round off using the 4th.

    c. 1.2345 would give 1.23

    d. 1.2355 would give 1.24

    e. 1.2955 would give 1.30 round off but must show 3 digits in answer.

    f. 1.1 would give 1.10

    g. 1.9955 would give 2.00

    Hope this helps.

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