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tapping on guitar??

how do you do it??

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    It's easy. Using your playing hand, place your finger on a fret, preferably between the 5th and 12th fret of any string (it works the best there). Then using your strumming hand, you "tap" your finger on a higher fret (or a fret further down the neck). Another technique is, using your strumming hand, start tapping a fret. Then using your playing hand, tap two frets a little further up the neck using a hammer-on. For example, tap the 12th fret using the strumming hand, then hammer-on the 5th and 7th frets using your playing hand. Lots of distortion makes it work the best. Good luck!

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    pick a note, then tapp the fret board with your strumming hand, and hit different notes while your fret hand stays on some solid notes :D good topic!

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    just like it sounds, you tap your fingers on the fretboard where the note is and pull off your finger downward to make it sound

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