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Bare Minerals?

I've tried Sheer Cover before and it sucked. It was like.. yellow and it looked bad. But has anybody tried Bare Minerals? I want to know how good it is so possibly I can buy it soon.

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    I love Bare Minerals and will probably never use another makeup. I have heard it cause reactions in some people so be careful though.

    The trick to Bare Minerals is the application and most people who say they don't like it, or it looks cakey or heavy are probably not applying it correctly. You may be familiar with the swirl, tap, buff method, and if not learn it and make sure you follow it when you apply. A little of this makeup goes a LONG way, so don't overdo it. It may take a few tries to get the application down best, so don't decide you hate it the first time you put on.

    It covers well, but it's not magic makeup. I've heard it works best for those with already good/average skin, so it might not be the best choice if you have lots of skin problems or need major coverage. But it will give your skin an almost airbrushed look, but it doesn't look or feel heavy when applied correctly. Make sure you get the Mineral Veil powder also.

    I highly recommend it, but every makeup has drawbacks. The main cons of BM is it's expensive. I buy the jars of foundation and mineral veil at Ulta for $25 each. But it will last you a long time since you use so little each time. And this can also be messy to apply. The jars aren't very user friendly, be careful or you can easily spill $10 worth of makeup. I buy mine individually at the store, but if you order the kit, it should come with an insturctional video and tips on how to make the makeup look best.

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    I just bought Bare Minerals about two weeks ago. I went to sephora and bought it there. I bought the start kit dat cost $60. Since the first time i put it on my face i LOVED it! it feels way better on ur skin than those regular drug store makeups. It also improved my skin. The only problem i have is that i forgot to buy the bisque which is the concealer, so if u have pimples or something dnt forget to buy it. =]

    Source(s): use it myself daily
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    Okay. I have oily,

    red skin that has some acne.

    Ever since using bare minerals,

    my skin has gotten better!

    It doesn't look yellow whatsoever.

    If you go to the store, they give you a tutorial.

    And they show you the best shade for you.

    It works likee woahhhhh. Get it!

    Its so natural looking. A bit pricy, but for good reason.

    Sarah ")

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    properly bare Minerals broke me out then i attempted the loose trial from uncooked Minerals and it became the comparable junk as bare minerals the two comprise intense quantities of bismuth which clog your pores and wreck you out they're the two rather undesirable. I even have been using and completely LOVE~~~~~ bee luscious cosmetics its amazing my skin in no way looked and felt better than now and it rather is hypo allergenic and would not comprise bismuth.

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  • I use this mineral makeup. It works very well for me, and it's not as expensive as Bare Minerals either. Plus, if you go under custom kits (upper left hand corner) there's a free sample kit they'll send you that you can try out, all you have to pay for is shipping!!!!

  • you need to get it- its AMAZING i used to have really clean skin and it still is but i get dry skin bumps and bumbs and a pimple here and there and it completly covers it up and it doesnt look packed on or anything. its super easy to apply and takes only 5 minutes and isnt yellow at all. you can buy the starter kit it really helps!

    watch the video with the kit and jsut practice a few times, and your skin will look flawless. if you dont like heavy make up get this. youll love it

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    Bare Minerals! Oh my gosh! I would die without this makeup. This is the most natural looking makeup, and when you use it, it looks like all your blemishes and anything that you want to hide, just disappear! Trust me on this, buy it! You'll love it. :-) good luck!

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    it is amazing i don't think i have ever seen a makeup like it before. it stays on it looks professional even if someone sucks at putting it on. if you have a person in the store help you they can match the skin perfectly. also the eye shadows are so pretty. it use it all the time it is my favorite!

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    HATE IT! Makes your face very shiny. Well they call it a glow. LOL

    Plus it has bismuth so watch your skin very closely a lot of women develop allergies to it and if you keep putting it on your face will start peeling and get cracks. It did that to me.

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    -eye shadow

    -eye primer



    (great to use if you have oily/acne prone skin)

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