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Why does today's southern conservative, confederate flag waving, GOP still think it's the "Party of Lincoln"?

Lincoln's party was from the northeast and upper midwest, not the south. They were known as the "Radical Republicans" not the "Conservative Republicans". Abolitionist Republican leaders like Charles Sumner were from states like Massashusetts, not Mississippi.

Today, on the other hand, the GOP talks about "state-rights", defends the confederate flag (as Mike Huckabee recently did), and has (((ZERO))) black Republicans in congress.

The states that fought on the side of the union vote Democrat today and the states that fought on confederate side vote Republican.


Crack open a history book cons.

The word Republican was not always synonymous with conservative. Republicans like Theodore Roosevelt were not conservative, but in fact PROGRESSIVES.

Update 2:


You are confusing your opinion with fact. This is common with conservatives.

Update 3:


Blacks vote Democrat because starting in 1964, the southern racist conservative wing of the Democratic Party started moving into the Republican Party. The South voted for Mr conservative Barry Goldwater in 1964 because he was against the civil rights act and for "state-rights".

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    Theodore Roosevelt would shoot a PROGRESSIVE like Al Gore in the a#$. Theodore had the guts that no modern liberal has and would laugh at today's liberals and would laugh at the idea of being grouped with them.

    Plus, modern liberals would squawk at Roosevelt and call him an evil imperialist for annexing the Philippines.

    And I only wave the American flag, thank you.

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    I guess you can say I am one those southern conservatives. I do not own a confederate flag, but I do have an American flag that I fly at my home everyday, weather permitting. As to the "Party of Lincoln", and the (((ZERO))) black Republicans, I am sorry to disappoint you. My politics is not about race, nor is it about sex. I am sorry that you seem to feel that politics revolves around race, but race should be the last thing anyone considers when it come to politics. You should be looking for the candidate that has the same believes as you do. The candidate that has accomplished things in his/her career that you agree with. The candidate that stands on his/her principles, no matter what, and you agree with these principles. As stated in the beginning, I am a conservative, and I do live in the south. Being a conservative, to me, means that I have a set standard of beliefs and morals that I live by and that is what I look for in a candidate.

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    I am Southern. I respect the confederate flag not because of racism, but because my ancestors (none of which were slaveowners or supporters of slavery) died for that flag. I have some conservative views, but not all of my views are conservative. I usually vote Republican because the Republican usually best supports my views. I do not base my views on what is "popular" among conservatives or Republicans. I would gladly vote for a black candidate that I felt represented my views.

    What are those views? I believe in the Constitution of the United States, it's Bill Of Rights and ALL of it's amendments. I believe in freedom; but I believe that the bigger government becomes, the less freedom that we'll have. I believe that freedom applies to every US citizen and not just to those that oppose the status quo. I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion and other's opinions should not be forced upon those who disagree. I believe that a person should be judged on his merits and qualifications and the content of his character instead of the color of his skin. I believe that all people are equal and should be treated so.

    I seem to be in good company with these beliefs. Martin Luther King Jr. and Thomas Jefferson also shared some of these same beliefs and were paraphrased by me in this post.

    It seems to me that today's Democrats only represents the minorities and not the rest of America. We need someone that will truly unite this country and not just pay lip service to it. We do not need someone who belongs to ANY seperatist organization, the last thing we need is seperation. We need someone who will represent ALL Americans and not just those that are like the candidate. Find me such a person and I will vote for him/her regardless of race, sex, or other factors. So far, most of the ones that I have seen that fit those characteristics are Republicans. Most of the Democrats that I have seen will give lip service to these views of freedom, but are hypocritical to those views.

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    Sorry, but I'm conservative, not Southern, not Confederate flag-waving, and typically a GOP voter.

    What you may want to ask is how the Democratic Party, which loves big centralized, bureaucratic government can consider itself the Party of Jefferson, when Thomas Jefferson believed in states' rights and a weak central government.

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    You do understand that it was the southern democrats that opposed the civil rights laws in the '60's, right. You do understand that the longest serving democrat in the Senate was in the KKK, right? You do understand that a democratic president was a member of the KKK, right? You do understand that the democratic party has been promising to "help African Americans" for 50 years, right? You do understand that the democrats controlled congress for 40 of those 50 years, and they are still promising the same things to African Americans.

    I believe that the governor of Alabama during the '60's, a democrat, was as big a racist as there was.

    Take a hard look at your own party before you tell us how racist we are.

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    They don't want to make that distinction, that's why.

    They want to romanticize Republicanism as starting with Lincoln when in fact the party platform today is more like the southern Dixiecrats of Lincoln's day than the Republican party as Lincoln knew it.

    Republican then is Democrat today.

    Democrat then is Republican today.

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    As a great Republican said, "There you go again." Hate to break it to ya, Bunky, but I don't live in the south and I don't wave a confederate flag.

    Why do Blacks tend to be 100% Democrat when it was they who created and lived by Jim Crow and have among their many famous utterances, "Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever?"

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    I'm Southern, love the Confederate flag under which black, white, red and yellow Confederates fought and I understand that in 1860 the status quo party was the Democrat Party.

    The "liberal" party was run by the Radical Republicans, "abolitionists" with an agenda far beyond abolishing slavery.

    The South was the center of political power, since the Revolution, and although not as financially powerful as the North, the less populated states bore the brunt of financing the Federal government.

    "The Cousins' War," Kevin Phillips, Basic Books, 1999, pp. 378

    "...most Northern goods were cheaper [than European goods - ed.] in Mobile or Chattanooga only because of high U.S. tariffs on rival foreign manufacturers. These tariffs, which financed 85 to 90 percent of the operations of the federal government, directly and indirectly fell most heavily on agricultural districts, principally in the South and West. Economists have a phrase for this: internal colonialism."

    This however, was not enough to satisfy Northerners.

    Daily Chicago Times, December 10, 1860:

    "The South has furnished near three-fourths of the entire exports of the country. Last year she furnished seventy-two percent of the whole...we have a tariff that protects our manufacturers from thirty to fifty persent, and enables us to consume large quantities of Southern cotton, and to compete in our whole home market with the skilled labor of Europe. This operates to compel the South to pay an indirect bounty to our skilled labor, of millions annually."

    That "indirect bounty" was a proposed tax that would fall on all Southerners, slaveholders and nonslaveholders alike. Rich, poor; it made no difference as the region would be required to help finance the North's industrial expansion.

    The democrats split along geographic lines, with Northern and Southern candidates.

    On top of that, a 4th party had a candidate in the 1860 election; the Constitutional Union Party.

    Most of the country voted against the Republican.

    Lincoln was a minority President as 60% of all who voted DID NOT vote for him, yet he won an Electoral College landslide by virtue of winning the most populous region.

    Most of the country distrusted the Republicans and realized the election of Lincoln would lead to more "radical" moves against states.

    The "Solid South" for the democrats lasted for decades after the war. The national democrat party depended on southern racist democratic leadership to deliver the region's electoral votes to the democrat Presidential candidate. Even non-racist Southerners could not align with the Republican Party for what it represented from 1860 and the Radical Republican Reconstruction policy.

    When FDR was elected, the South finally saw some improvement from the destitution wrought by those policies.

    Report of the National Emergency Council (Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1937).

    "Eight decades after the end of Reconstruction, the National Emergency Council created to examine the Depression of the 1930s reported its findings to President Franklin D. Roosevelt: The South, it said, had been reduced to the status of a colony."

    Millions of nonracist Southerners supported FDR for that reason, but southern democrats continued Jim Crow laws through that period as well.

    Eventually, Southerners came to view the national democrats as the party of big powerful central government as democrats had replaced "radical republicans" and Republicans became the Constitutional Union Party.

    Since 1965, Southeners have supported Republicans more often than Democrats in Presidential Elections but more often than not still elect democrats to state offices.

    By and large, Southerners have abandoned the National Democratic Party but not the state parties.

    It isn't ironic that most white southerners vote for people who oppose big federal government and against people who vow to impose their will and highly tax us, as those have been our issues for 240 years.

    But it is ironic that most black Southerners vote for the party that kept them poor for 240 years and practiced the most heinous racists acts on them.

    By the way, it is not only Southern Republicans who defend the Confederate flag.

    “To tar the sacrifices of the Confederate soldier as simple acts of racism, and reduce the battle flag under which he fought to nothing more than a symbol of a racist heritage, is one of the greatest blasphemies of our modern age.”

    James Webb, former US Navy Secretary and current Senator (D) from Virginia

    I cannot vote for a democrat, state or national, because of what that party represents to me in the South; backwardness, racism and violence.

    I even find it difficult to vote for a republican, state or national, because of what the party represents to me from its founding and the legacy of scalawag southern republicans from Reconstruction.

    But to me at least, modern democrats are far worse the scalawags. And I still don't admire Lincoln.

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    It's called "Smoke and Mirrors". It's like an old magician's trick. Tricking the suckers into believing something that is not real.

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    Why does today's Welfare Liberal American Haters & Terrorist Supports wave the Flag of North Korea?

    Welfare Liberals think that Kim Jong is soooooo cute.


    Get a job, and your attitude will change.

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