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My doctor is hooking me up with a 7 day events monitor to check for any heart abnormalities. Does anyone know

if this is a continuous 7 day monitoring, or will I only be recording when I have an "event"? I assumed it would be continuous, but after reading about it online, it sounds like most continuous holter monitors are only 24 or 48 hours. I'm having this done next week, and just wondering what it will be like.



So if it only records "events", do I hit the button when I feel an abnormality, or is it on continuously??

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  • J B
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    An event monitor only records "events". You will also have a log which you need to write down the time and any symptoms you are having when they occur and then they put these two pieces of information together to see what your heart is doing. What often happens is that none of the symptoms you were having occur while you have the monitor on, unfortunately, so follow their directions closely and hopefully, you will get an answer for your symptoms.

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  • Kris L
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    I had a Holter monitor on for seven days ... they just use a 'longer' casette in it that records the 'events' ... and the WORST of it is that you can NOT take a bath or shower while being monitored ... but you can and should 'wash thoroughly' for obvious reasons. It's actually very EASY since you should do whatever you do normally, and try to 'forget' you have the monitor on ... good luck with the test!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i had this done. just to let you know. it's 24/7 and that includes if you have any extra activities...they'll know

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