In bible study today we talk about how drugs are bad for you and stuff but the guy i like does drugs so i was wondering if theres something i can send to him to try to get him to stopp i really really like him so please make it niice :]

Hes 14 and his parents let him do drugs. Its all the kinds you can think of pot,crack,wed,herione stuff like that. Alls i want is a nice little message to send him on myspace.

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    First you have to find out if he likes you. then you can send him a message something like this:

    Hey (name),

    Since when have you been doing drugs? Do you know that they are REALLY bad for you? My advice is to stop because the truth is, I really like you and I want you to be healthy and last a long time. So for me, will you stop drugs?


    (your name)

    and if he really likes you, he might lay off the drugs or entirely quit.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    First of all, he's not doing crack or heroin. Crack causes blisters and sores on a person's lips and mouth. Heroin is a hugely powerful opiate, and I promise that at age 14 he isn't using heroin (in fact, I doubt very much that he would be able to find an opiate PERIOD, nevermind heroin). The problem with most drug education programmes (especially in the United States) is that they teach precisely what you've said, "drugs are bad". In fact, if you did any research beyond what you've been taught in Bible Study (hardly the place to look for information regarding narcotics), you'd understand the real risks and benefits of using different drugs. The important thing here is that he's 14, which means his body is still developing. This is not the time to be using drugs because the body is still in a state of rapid growth. Certain drugs can stunt that growth, or impair cognitive development in adolescents.

  • CSmom
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    If he is 14 and his parents are allowing him to do crack , and other hard drugs, then you need to turn them in for child abuse.

    That is certainly not a healthy environment for a 14 year old.

    He is going to need a lot of professional help because he has been raised in a completely dysfuntional family. If I were you, I would steer clear of this one.

    You can turn his parents in anonymosly, if you know for sure that is what is happening, or is he just telling people that, to make him seem cool.

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    i doubt he does crack or heroine, and weed and pot are the same thing but yeah he's like way too young to be doing that...ask him to be your friend and find different activities that could be equally as chill and distracting,,,nothing explicit though...

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  • 1 decade ago

    email me so i can help good luck hun

    the same thing happened to me he killed himself before it was over

  • 1 decade ago

    you really think he's gonna stop?..

    nah.. u'r funny

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