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Can anyone here prove me wrong? I bet you can't.....?


The sky is green

Ghandi was the first american president

I know everyone will disagree, but can you PROVE me wrong?

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    In logic, it NOT generally helpful to argue for absolutist positions. The metaphysical silliness can barf on you: fallacies or tautologies are often the end result.

    In an absolute sense, you are perhaps right: there is no such thing as "ultimate" proof (except to assert that not all things can be proven!). This was best shown in some some mathematical work from the early 20th century that shows that even in completely self-consistent systems it is possible to provide statements that are true, but cannot actually be proven as true. (Or another way of saying this: some statements cannot be proven true or false).

    (Gently:) But, this misses the bigger point. And that is: reasonable observers do NOT require absolute proof in order to frame well-reasoned judgments. To wit:

    2+2 may equal 5 in some systems, but not in others. In the "natural geometry" math we rely on (integers, natural numbers, irrationals, trancendentals, etc) that we use, 2+2=4 and this operation does NOT yield 5. And that is provable given particular axioms of *this* system and taking into account whatever definitions and notation are needed.

    Similar reasoning can be used to show that your other assertions are either notoriously false (Gandhi) or sometimes true and sometimes false (sky color can be blue, greenish, purple, pink, etc depending on observed conditions).

    Instead, consider "reasonable skepticism" by which you can get along in life. You can use evidence and models (theories) to test the evidence. You may never be 100% certain, but you will find that sufficient evidence does exist to reasonably understand something.

    Just a suggestion!

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    The only thing I can prove is that I was here answering this question at 4:36 EST.

    I have seen a green sky (with tinted sunglasses).

    2+2 does equal five if one of those numbers is subject to mitosis.

    And Ghandi was the first American president. Just ask any American child in the ghetto.

    So; not everyone disagrees. And I cannot prove you wrong. I, like everyone else on this planet, takes what I'm taught for granted. That's why we're in so much trouble now.

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    The sum of two even numbers is an even number.

    5 is not an even number.

    Therefore 2+2 does not equal 5.

    All American Presidents were/are American Citizens.

    Ghandi is/was not an American Citizen.

    Therefor Ghandi was not the first American President.

    Logically it is hard to prove that the sky is not green, however, you can prove that the sky has color. Color is an personal interpretation of how surfaces effect light. The sky is a surface. Light is exposed to the surface. Therefore the sky has a color.

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    Well, if 2+2=5, then it cannot, at the same time, equal 4. I think it is right, in this case, to point to self evidence and say that if 2+2 does not equal 4, then all the rest of mathematical reasoning must be wrong. If all the rest of mathematical reasoning was wrong we would not be able to make sense of the material world. Hence, we would not be able to figure out how to build computers so that ignorant people could put non-sense questions on the super highway for us to try and answer. Therefore, 2+2=5 must not be correct or my computer would not work. This is a proof.

    The rest can be dealt with in a similar fashion. Proofs do not need to compare one thing to another, they can refer to our capacity for coherence. Look it up, it will be worth your time. This is another case where I am dead right. I won't get the 10 points, though. Meh

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    "2+2=5"---Sure, if += Add 1 2x2=4+1=5

    "The sky is green."---The sky absorbs green and every other color but blue. Thus, the sky is not blue. It's green.

    "Ghandi was the first american president"---There was a secret meeting where he was elected. Everyone before him was a joke so I don't count them.

    You can't disprove the truth

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    Those who spend their lives dwelling in the abstract know that iff one is convinced that 2 + 2 = 5, then that is proof alone to themselves.

    Sunlight is comprised of many different colors. The colors that comprise sunlight get absorbed, reflected and scattered as they encounter the particles in our atmosphere (like Nitrogen, Oxygen, dust, etc...) This type of optical phenomenon is suspected to be the reasoning behind the green sky effect.

    Ghandi was the first president really. He was elected but the media covered it up. It is believed that George washington didn't even exist.

    I don't believe this either but it was worth a try.

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    PROVE is from the latin probare, which means "to test".

    Does 2+2 = 5 prove out for you? If you want to be a contrarian

    to simple reality, the burden of proof is on YOU.

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    Words are NOT relative. Each denotes a metaphysical concept. Gandhi and Washington are not identical metaphysical concepts. We recognize them differently. If words were relative, upon your arrest (for whatever) the police could say it was for murder, when it was actually for a simple assault. But since you say it cannot be proved, poor poor you. The police can make their words mean whatever they want them to mean and you can't do a thing about it.

    Or, you can hold yourself to the same standards as you would expect the police to do.

    The proof is only in the pudding, but to get to it you will have to dig yourself out of the muck you created. I'd like to be the prosecutor who uses this theory against you in a court of law.

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    Lol. The way they deal with children who cannot count their fingers is replace the fingers with objects . One apple , two apples. etc

    It is also combined with observation for sight problems, perception, depth , motor skills etc.

    If learning has been unidirectional and controlled, you can only repeat back what you have been told to be true.

    Therefore, we need to fire the stu$&%d babysitter/tutor feeding you this drivel and tell you that this new one has finished high school.

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    "the sky is green" is WRONG. why? because the most you can say is that, "the sky APPEARS green." unless you espouse a fairly radical color-essentialism, which very few do, you cannot make a definitive predication about the color of the sky.

    hey, at least i TRIED instead of taking the easier, "who cares?" or "i agree" routes!

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