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I recently have a problem with my computer. I can't get to the windows because of a blue screen pops up.?

The blue screen says "Problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer"


I tried safe mode and nothing works, I just can seem to log in to window.

I am on the laptop now if someone can help me it would really be wonderful.

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    You have a problem with your hard disk I'm afraid.

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    Not knowing your product name,you should allow the computer to cool to normal room temperature.Use compressed/purified air to blow off any dust.Turn off nearby fans, keep off subwoofer,transformer and any magnetic elements.Ensure that all associated circuits inside the computer are properly fitted and firm. You will need to run your antivirus software EXTENSIVELY should the OS happen to Load normally and the computer should be properly grounded.An unusual error has occured with an attempt to copmletely change your system settings.If this BLUE is a solid blue,then you should contact the manufacturer of your product immediately after having gone through the given steps here.Start Windows normally.Please let me know how far you have reahed with the troubleshooting process while am busy but would still help,you should let me know your product name then I WILL be able to let you recieve a DIRECT online technical assistance with a technical STAFF right from the Manufacturer of your product. Am waiting please!!

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    BLUE SCREEN.. It is a window virus (it is call the blue screen of death) You probably will need to get a professional to get rid of this virus. This is what I had to do. Good Luck

    Source(s): My opening is to get a professional computer person to get rid of this virus.
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    Look for a boot disk with chkdsk on it. Try

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    You either have a virus or operating system issue with your computer

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    I call it the "blue screen of death" Its format time!!!

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    Select F8 at boot and try "last good configuration".

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