Why should i leave my organization which is one among the big market players in international level?

Need sensible answers which should be defendable from screwing interviewers..

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    1. your position may not have that much upward mobility. you are stuck in a dead end position. moving to another company may provide more visibility and mobilityl

    2. your present salary is fixed within the scheme of the organization. you may have signed on at a lower salary than your peers but as this private information, you cant ask for a raise...etc. by moving to antoher company, you can achieve the salary you should have gotten. Also, most annual raises are called Merit raises, but are just Cost of living adjustments and you have to negotiate for those....prove you deserve it. Moving around allows you to keep abreast of current pay scales.

    3. Moving around allows you to meet and know many of the important players in other companies and they get toknow your. my brother has moved around quite a bit in the "risk -management' aspects of large corporations and knows a lot of people in that sector of big business. as a result, he can move to almost any company as they already know of his reputation.


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    You were fired?

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