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home web server?

I want to create my home web server to publish websites stored in my computer, how will i do it using IIS7 or any guides on how to use IIS7

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    You can have a home web server if you want. But it will only serve local computers, like in your house. Unless you have really fast broadband (both up and downloading) and several serious server machines and a control system for them all. And of course, a serious backup policy. And don't forget you need to buy a domain.

    If you want to have a REAL website, for everyone to see, then you need someone to host it for you. There are vast numbers of Web Hosting operators on the Web. Some are free but basic. Some cost money but they will look after you and will include a sensible domain name.

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    First, I would recommend XAMPP, it is application that uses Apache as its web server. It also installs PHP and MySQL on your computer so you can learn those as well.

    If you have IIS or plan to use IIS start by creating a web page and saving it under C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\[insert website name]

    Visual Studio, Visual Web Developer and a few other applications can really help in doing the creation part.

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    You will need a Microsoft Server OS for ISS7 to run. It wont function just on XP or Vista.

    You could be a free one using a LAMP setup.

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    not sure about that one but if your looking for a really easy and great user interface web server go to and download the abyss webserver x1 free edition

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