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dose any one know how to make or desine a motherboard or know a site that shows how?

i would like to know because i would like to say i acomplished making a motherboard for a computter and open a costom motherboard shop.

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    A few people have called you stupid.It's not stupid. I would dish out some nice money to get a board designed exactly how i wanted. I have personally done some simple repair jobs on motherboards.(as simple as workin on a board can get i guess lol) What I did when i saw your question is search motherboard design. i got a bunch of interesting pages right on top. Another thing i suggest is doing what i did when i got started in computers.make use of e-bay yahoo auctions and wholesale sites. buy motherboards by the lots. no kidding some times you can get them for under a dollar a piece for older or used ones. And i know it sounds odd but throw an add in your local paper saying that you will pick up peoples old or junk computers for free.(then they dont have to pay to get rid of them and you can get many test specemins that way, its a win win situation. Practice on them with a schematic. Try to problem solve burnt out boards. with something as intricate as a mother board you cant just start by building it, you have to start on the opposite end by deconstructing them until you have a working knowledge of it.

    Well my fingers are tired so im done typing lol. I think you have a great idea stick with it and it might become a reality.

    Heres a toast to your success.

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    I think you're about 40 or so years behind the times. Motherboards are for the most part too complex to make by hand, today. Beyond just the connections between the processor, chipsets, memory, PCI controllers, SATA, USB, PS/2, COM ports, on board audio, ethernet, perhaps RAID controllers... there is absolutely a ton going on there. This isn't even considering being able to write the BIOS to run the thing. It, for the most part, has to be done by a machine. Just study electronics and be happy if you can successfully solder a resistor back onto a broken board. That in itself is an accomplishment for most people.

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    Its Complicated. VERY! 6000 capacitors and chips needed to solder on. Have you taken a close up look at the wiring that was done by an industrial laser? You are going to need a Northbridge and Southbridge which I do not know where to get. You have a very ambitious and creative idea. Motherboards are the most complicated part of the PC along with the processor. I don't know anyone who even sells PC fittings for designing motherboards.

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    I don't think you're stupid, but it is a lot more complex than you think. You need a background in electronics, a thorough understanding of circuit board design, a facility that will allow you to wave solder, a parts source for everything, and the ability to do all this in a short period of time, as motherboards go out of date quickly, as quickly as cpu technology does. And your market would be extremely small so you'd have to charge hundreds for each board, making it impractical on pretty much any level. I don't know of anyone that can make a homemade motherboard, or even a daughterboard.

    Also, before all this, you may want to learn to spell design.

    Good luck!

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    nothing on a motherboard is done by hand any more, as the components are just to small these days, all done by machine, you would do better to come up with some type of software program that is not on the market yet

    turn a motherboard over and look at the circuits and see how they are put together, this isn't something that is done by hand anymore!

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    Motherboards are not made by hand. The components are too small. A machine is used to place the parts perfectly. One bad solder joint and the thing is ruined, so you do not want to build one by hand. It is also extremely complex with the various chipsets and ports and whatnot.

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    unwise business plan, the fabrication materials,and machinery needed will cost more than you'd make. large motherboard manufactures can make "custom" ones because they can afford to,from the mass production of other,typically a "custom" motherboard will be mass produced for a buyer,for example dell.custom on a one by one basis,will not pay off

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    Are you serious? I hope you have a degree in Electrical Engineering and lots of venture capital funds to develop it/them.

    There are more than enough companies making excellent motherboards.

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    just selling motherboards, thats a stupid idea

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