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What are the benefits/costs for revoking citizenship of career violent criminals rather than jailing them?

Enlightened opinions are welcomed; ayes and nays as well.

This posit is certainly nothing new and more an extension of the three strikes law, and pertains only to those criminals convicted multiple times of violent acts.

The death penalty is a joke in America--every governor has trigger anxiety, and our prison system is a growing, unafforded $50+ billion/year expense that creates a legal system where the majority of sentences are not completed and offenses are overlooked.

Why should America house, within its borders, animals who continue to show the citizenry that they have no respect of it, when, specifically, it can desolve their citizenships (given a simple expansion of the legal definition for "expatriating act"), purchase secluded, undeveloped land (off the western hemisphere), and dump them to fend?

Also, since this idea has not been considered in the mainstream, why would it not be favored by the average American; or if it was considered, why has it failed to gain favor?

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    No country would allow the US to buy land to dump criminals on. That right there makes the whole thing unworkable. Plus, see Australia - if you dump a bunch of convicted criminals and let them fend for themselves, they tend to have kids eventually. What citizenship do those children have?

    Basically, it would create a miserable new country whose populace was born and bred to hate America. Does that sound like a good plan?

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    Revoking citizenship is easier said than done.

    How do you revoke the citizenship of a person born in USA. Where would they go.

    What will revoking their citizenship do as a punishment. They will still commit the same crimes either in the States or in another country.

    Your arguement of dumping them on an island is flawed because in one respect your saying "they are too uncivilized to be part of our society"

    but dumping them on an island to fend for themselves is like breeding dogs to fight each other and watching it. Your action of dumping them is just as uncivilized.

    Unfortunately jails cost lots of money, but thats the price we pay for living in a civilized country.

    The soloution is not to remove prisoners from jail and throw them somewhere else

    the soloution is to rehabilitate prisoners. Something that is not done at all. American jail systems are just warehouses wear rotten fruit is dumped and only can ge worse.

    There should also be more prisoner work programs where prisoners work for their food and such. Many states have that where prisoners make tables, license plates etc and basically work full time but in prison.

    I am rambling on but the point is that the current way is not solving anything and neither will throwing them on a deserted island.

    I'm not sure what the best soloution is but I know its not either of those

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    I think Michael Corleone perhaps summed it up best. He told Frank Pentangeli (sp?) "Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer". A career felon is, after all, an enemy of our society. Maybe not in the sense of a terrorist, but a threat to our civilization nonetheless. I would much rather have him or her cooped up in an American prison than running around with Al Qaeda in a Pakistani cave somewhere, preparing to return to the US, plastic explosives in hand.

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    America used to be one of the places they sent criminals; that's how one of my ancestors got here. :-)

    In this day and age, I wonder how long it would take for the criminals to build an airstrip and charter planes home. (What's the worst that could happen? They could get caught and sent back to their island.)

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    Sending them back to their own countries would save tax payers money from having to house and feed them in prison. So in my opinion sending them back to their own countries would be cheaper for America.

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