HELP ASAP: Where to move in Cherry Hill, New Jersey???

Hello everyone. I just received a job offer in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. I have never ever been in the eastcoast in my life. My new job will be near the Garden State Park on 70.

I was wondering if anybody could give me some suggestions on where would be nice place to live. I am in my mid 20's and want to have a social life as well.

Im hoping that there are available rentals so I could hit a nearby public transportation to work for the time being.

I hear that there are parts of Cherry Hill or New Jersey that are very bad and I want to stay away from it. At least for now. I will be moving next Monday so please help asap! Thank you in advance.


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    Congratulations on the job offer!

    Cherry Hill is actually on the 'other side' of the bridge from Philadelphia. So in terms of a social life in Philly, you'll have no problem. Sports, clubs, bars, historical buildings, museums, etc. It is considered to be in Southern NJ.

    Cherry Hill has some pricey homes and there are some well-off areas. Of course, there are some inner city type of areas too. It's a large city, and I am certain they have a nice website. And if you don't mind driving, you're less than an hour from Atlantic City and the beach areas.

    Stay far away from Camden! Not a nice place to be lost in, especially in the evening returning home form Philly! (I made a wrong turn coming over the Ben Franklin Bridge)

    As far as finding a place to live, you might want to check the Southern NJ Craigslist to see what apartments or homes are available for rent. Or, contact a local realator once you arrive in Cherry Hill.

    Since I am more from the central part of New Jersey, I can't offer too much more help. But it might be interested to see what kind of answers you may get if you posted this question in the Philadelphia section of Yahoo Answers.

    All the best to you!

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