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weak after

my and my boyfriend had sex 2 days ago..he is feeling very weak and also very hungry...i know that men feel weak a few hours after sex...but 2 days straight is too much...btw we have had sex for the first time..what is the cause?

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    dang girl.. I don't know about that one...He should go to the Doc.. I don't think it is related.

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    Certainly he has a deficit of several substances. I would recommend vitamin E, selenium, zinc, Guarana and Maca, all available in a drug store.

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    tell ya wht?

    u have a rare disease called "oidahfhlgsahuhrw"

    tht makes ure BF..stressed out

    for the REST OF HIS LIFE!!!

    OMG!!! u killed him!

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    he should try eating.. I heard it's a good cure for hunger.

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    WOW! That must have been some workout!

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    he may guilty for his deed. tension .

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