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材料:五花肉1斤,醬油3杯,醬油膏3杯,冰糖1/2大匙,老薑2吋連皮拍扁,蔥2根切段 大蒜5瓣拍碎去皮,紅蔥頭10瓣去皮切碎,紹興酒1大匙,黑醋1大匙,八角1顆( 可不放 )


1. 將五花肉洗淨切成半吋大小的肉丁,入熱鍋以中火炒至大部分油脂變成液狀時,即可撈起。

2. 鍋中留2大匙油脂以炒香大蒜、紅蔥頭、老薑、蔥。

3. 將五花肉回鍋,續入紹興酒、黑醋、八角、醬油、醬油膏、冰糖炒5分鐘,再倒入足以蓋過材料3公分的清水,蓋


4. 碗中盛入熱白飯,放入適量的滷肉料及滷蛋即可


材料 絞肉一斤、紅蔥頭二兩

調味料 醬油一杯、味精半小匙、胡椒粉1/4小匙、水二杯 糖一大匙、酒二大匙


紅蔥頭去皮切碎,用四大匙燒熱炸香紅蔥頭,撈出,再將絞肉放進 鍋中炒散加醬油、味精、糖、五香、胡椒粉、酒、水燒開後,改小 火慢慢燒一小時即可,食時澆在熱飯上。




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    Ingredients:a few marinated eggs,plain steamed rice,a few slices of marinated pork

    Ingredients:600g of pork belly,3 cups of soy sauce, 3 cups of soy paste, 1/2 tb sp of rock sugar, a 2-inch thick slice of ginger (unskinned and cracked), 2 shoots of spring onion (cut into segments), 3 cloves of garlic (with skin removed and crushed), 10 cloves of crushed shallot, 1 tb sp of Shaoxing wine, 1 tb sp of black vinegar, 1 star anise (optional)


    1. Cut pork belly into 1-cm-thick slices. Stir fry in a pot until most of the solid fat melt into liquid oil. Set aside

    2. Drain the liquid oil from the pot leaving only 2 tbsp of oil in it. Stir-fry garlic, shallot, ginger and green onion.

    3. Put back the pork slices. Put in Shaoxing wine, black vinegar, star anise, soy sauce, soy paste and rock sugar. Mix and cook for 5 minutes. Add water until the water level is 3cm above the ingredients. Put on the lid and leave it to stew until you find the pork tender enough to serve.

    4. Put plain steam rice in a bowl. Serve with meat and marinated eggs.

    Minced pork to be served with rice....

    Ingredients: 600g of minced pork, 30g of shallot

    Seasoning: 1 cup of soy sauce, 1/2 tsp of MSG, 1/4 tsp of pepper, 2 cups of water, 1 tbsp of sugar, 2 tbsp of cooking wine


    Crush the shallots. Heat 4 tbsp of oil and deep fry the shallot until it is cruchy. Remove the shallot. Put in minced pork. Stir fry. Add soy sauce, MSG, sugar, 5-spice powder, pepper, wine and water, When heated through, turn down the heat and leave it to stew for 1 hour. Serve with rice as a topping.

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    Material: Halogen egg several, hot plain rice right amount, halogen

    meat material: The streaky pork 1 catty, the soy sauce 3 cups, the

    sauce grease 3 cups, the crystal sugar 1/2 big spoon, Lao Jiang 2 吋

    連皮 pats flatly, the onion 2 根切 sections garlics 5 petals pat

    garrulously go to the skin, the red onion first 10 petals go to the

    skin to cut to pieces, the shaoxing wine 1 big spoon, the black

    vinegar 1 big spoon, star anise 1 (may not put) the method: 1. slivers

    the streaky pork cleaning half 吋 size the diced meat, enters the hot

    pot to fry the utmost partial fat by the center fire to turn time the

    liquidity, then fishes. In 2. pots keeps 2 big spoons fat to fry the

    fragrant garlic, the red onion, Lao Jiang, the onion. 3. recooks the

    streaky pork, continues into the shaoxing wine, the black vinegar, the

    star anise, the soy sauce, the sauce grease, the crystal sugar fries 5

    minutes, again pours into sufficiently has covered the material 3

    centimeters clear water, covers the pot cover to cook in a covered

    vessel by the center flame boils soft which likes to you. In 4. bowls

    Sheng Juje the plain rice, puts in the right amount halogen meat to

    anticipate the halogen egg then

    In halogen meat food halogen meat....

    The material twists the meat catty, the red onion first two two

    seasonings soy sauce cup, the monosodium glutamate half small spoon,

    the ground pepper 1/4 small spoon, a water two cups of sugars big

    spoon, liquor two big spoons procedure red onion goes to the skin to

    cut to pieces, burns with four big spoons hotly explodes the fragrant

    red onion head, bails out, after again will twist the meat to admit in

    the pot to fry disperses adds the soy sauce, the monosodium glutamate,

    the sugar, the five spices, the ground pepper, the liquor, the water

    boils, will change the flame slowly to burn for a hour then, when food

    pouring on hot food. Note: Chooses when the meat cuts the granulose

    with 1/3 fat. 燒肉 when again will explode good red onion to put in

    with the fever.

    Source(s): yahoo
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