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    Perhaps and at the beginning is that I speak to break up..Is me together the Ju is to cover up 1 together and give you up..But is that I feel that you is me the heart still has a good importance since position..It is my Wu to enough love you..The Wu can forgive you only is neglect because of studies left I..But is and house I to live Ju since in broad strokes..I will think of you since elaboration..Sometimes I make trouble without a cause towards living Ju since..I will think of you to me since infinite forgive..Rise you towards living Ju I only Shen since advantage..And house I good do left you past since role..I feel very tired..Really is a Wu a little bit clear solve you can endure me for two years..I want to speak that I still keep loving you..I always the Mou once forgot you..Only is that I do a left 1 d to return Wu to turn a head since wild..Make I the Mou method faces you again..Last two years you since birthday all together I 1 together led..The Wu knew you to once lead along with the side this year open Wu happy?I finally wish your happy birthday..Will test success..

    Do your miss me?

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  • Ka Yan
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    Or initially was I says bids good-bye. Is I with 佢 is buries 1 to

    give up you together. But is I thought you were my heart still have 1

    good important already status. Is I 夠 does not love you. May not

    contain to you only 係因 neglects for the studies is left I. But is

    but the family I to lives sloppy 佢 already. I can remember you to

    be already careful. Sometimes I to live 佢 already create a scene.

    I can infinite remember you already to contain to me. To is occupied

    by 佢 me only to be able to know your already merit. But the family

    I seem did is left you before already the role. I think tiredly.

    Really is Ming Tienchieh you may not endure my for two years. I

    wanted to speak me still to love you. I continuously 冇 have

    forgotten you. Only is I makes left 1d not to return turns the head

    already wildly. Again is all faced you my 冇 law. The previous two

    years your birthday all 1 has been already uneven with me. Side this

    year does not know you to handle jointly with to cross opens is

    unhappy? Finally I wish your Happy Birthday. The area-wide student

    examination is successful.. Does not know you to still have 冇 thinks of me?

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  • ?
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    Or when I speak of breaking up .. I of a buried-channel system with the abandon of you .. but I think in my heart you still have a good position is important .. Well enough of my love .. Well you can inclusive to you only because of the neglect of education .. but I left of my home and living Drainage both Cuqidaixie .. I think you will be carefully .. I sometimes both living Drainage both vexatious .. I will think of you I am both unlimited Drainage inclusive living .. I will谂you both advantages from home .. and I like to do before you left both roles .. really .. I think Haolei of Wuming why you can tolerate my two years .. I I still would like to say I love you .. you always冇forgot .. only one left in me to do but not to return to the old Jiye d .. I have to face you冇law .. two years you both have the same birthday I have .. 1-year why you have a leading edge in a Well happy? Finally, I wish you a happy birthday .. Examination success ....


    Zhongweimao why you miss me?

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