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    Around this world there are many countries and every country has their own culture. However when two culture combined together, sometime it may create conflict or changes. Taking America and Taiwan culture into comparison, western culture stress on individual development, as for Chinese culture we focus on overall development. However due to recent society changes, we could discovered that western culture has gradually effects Taiwan . But there are cultures differences between these two countries.

    Firstly, we take a look at the differences in foods habit. People from the east take rice as the main food source on the hand the people from the west choose potato and cheese. Beside easterner get used to chop stick while westerner used fork & spoon. Although there are lots of culture differences in these 2 countries, but in the recent year Taiwan has already strongly affect by western culture. These are quite clear from the food we eat, fashion we wear and new building constructed.

    Secondly there are differences in family values. Chinese cultures stress on family love ethics. It is common for parent to buy thing for their children, even if they have growth up parent still support them. But it is different in the west. When children growth up, parent no longer support them and they are responsible for all their expenses. In addition, American student started to do part-time job when they are in the collage but such thing seldom happen in Taiwan and because of these we can differential the different the west and the east.

    From the above view point, we can see the different between the west and the east. Although it is true that merging cultures may allow us to learn more things however in my opinion, blindly following west cultures does not mean that it will met our need or expectation. However able to accept another culture is a good starting point but able to maintain our tradition and cultures is also very important to us.

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    Has many countries in world each place, but each country all has

    belongs to own culture. But when two cultures fuse in together time,

    some times also can have the conflict and the change. Compares by

    American and Taiwan's culture, the western culture comparatively pays

    great attention to individual development, but Chinese culture

    attenion to whole development. However recent years social

    vicissitude, we were allowed to discover western the culture gradually

    affected Taiwan. But both countries culture or has a difference.

    First we may in the diet custom difference. The Oriental is used to

    the rice regards as is our main food, but the western person and the

    gentleman regards as the potato main food. Or the Oriental custom

    takes the chopsticks, the western person custom takes the fork.

    Although said both countries the culture entirely different, but the

    recent years Taiwan already came under the western culture intense

    influence, these from ours diet, the clothing, the building and so on

    place all were allowed to see.

    Second attachment to family difference. The Chinese culture takes the

    dear ones ethics, the parents buys the thing for the child is the very

    ordinary matter, even if the child has been grown-up, the parents

    still meet the support and help they. But the western culture is

    actually different, the children as soon as arrive grown-up, the

    parents no longer support and help they, all expenditures all must own

    be responsible. Moreover, US'S students when high school can start to

    hold concurrent jobs, but very are actually few in Taiwan, also

    because we may see western and East's difference like this.

    May see the western culture and the Chinese culture difference from

    above several us. Although Shuowen melts the fusion may let us study

    the renewal the thing. But I thought the constantly pursue west

    culture, certainly not necessarily can conform to our demand. However

    accepts the new culture no doubt is the good start, but can maintain

    traditional the culture also is must often important.

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