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黃金存摺的 英文簡介 英文網站 及相關英文報導





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    Gold Business

    Bank of Taiwan (BOT), merged with Central Trust of China (CTC) on July 1, 2007, succeeds to CTC’s role as a major gold bullion wholesaler and retailer in Taiwan .

    With a view to developing the domestic market and satisfying investor's and manufacturer's demands, BOT develops and introduces a wide range of precious metals products as follows:

    1. Gold Bullion Bars

    BOT sells Gold Bullion Bars of varying specifications including UBS AG's three-key logo gold bars in 4 denominations of 1kg , 500g , 250g , 100g , UBS AG's or Argor Heraeus's customized 5 and 1 Taiwan Tael gold bars, and various gold kinebars, from 1gm to 1 Taiwan Tael, to the general public. BOT also offers 1kg gold bars at a lower premium on a wholesale basis to local industrial users and jewelry manufacturers to help them to reduce gold purchasing cost.

    2. Precious Metal Coins

    BOT introduces the following world-renowned Precious Metal Coins: the Australian Nugget Gold Coin, Koala Platinum Coin, Kookaburra Silver Coin, Lunar Silver Coin, the Canadian Maple Leaf Gold and Silver Coins and the Vienna Philharmonic Gold Coin.

    3. Commemorative/Collectors' Coins

    In an attempt to develop the domestic coin collecting and trading market, BOT introduces uncirculated coin sets and collectors’ coins from countries all over the world. On the other hand, BOT offers a variety of commemorative precious metal coins to meet seasonal market demands generated by the Chinese Lunar New Year and other traditional festivals.

    2008-03-02 20:11:50 補充:

    4. Gold Passbook

    Gold Passbook, launched in 1997, is also provided with the services of telephone on-line transaction (only applying to formerly CTC’s 22 branches) and "savings plan", both are highly welcomed by individual investors.

    2008-03-02 20:13:22 補充:

    In the near future, electronic transactions will also be provided in BOT’s web site. The owner of gold passbook may take delivery of gold products allowed and quoted by BOT, subject to the payment of the price differences between gold products and gold passbook!

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