Why do Mexicans need a passport to go to the U.S. (Americans don't need one to go to Mexico)?

Is there a reliable website that explains this?

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    Mexico did not make a law requiring a passport for entry of U.S. citizens to their country. The U.S. has made a law requiring passports for entry to their country, in general.

    This is a manner in which governments make money they know they will have a need for. $70/100 million travelers in the U.S. who wish to travel to foreign countries? Really, all governments do this, another 2 Million who will get them just to pay for the freedom to be able to travel? It's like gun permits. It's a freedom tax. Pay, or don't be as free as your neighbor across the street. It's Money. Everybody pays. Mexico should try it, might work as a drivers license in the U.S. after enough time.

    Try it, use it, it's all about making money. Get rich quick through governing laws. And it's guaranteed to make hundreds of millions of dollars, if you've got the cajones to do it. No, really, the money overflows. Germany started the practice, and money mongers everywhere caught on to it.

    Source(s): You'll never source the origins of passports. It's a secret. http://analysis.wordpress.com/2008/02/01/insane-pa... Steal or build what you cannot legally have is my motto. No, not really kidding.
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    Wrong passports are now required, even if your a US citizen seeking re-enter the country. Whether it's from Mexico, or Canada.

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    1 decade ago

    All they have to be able to do to get here is run jump or swim. lol

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