Animal crossing?

ok so i really want to plant a coconut tree but every time a plant it it always dies evan if i water it any help?Also does any body know the limit to how big your house can,also any really easy ways to earn alot of money with out having to fast forward time (i dig fossils)

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    plant the close to beach, but not on beach


    2 stories, 4 rooms on bottom, 980000 bells


    sell furniture, bugs, seashells, fossils, -oid things, fish, golden roses. Build snowmen. At night if you see a shooting star, quickly press A. Go around your town until you come across a rock that when you hit it, spits out bells(hint: 4 max bells dig 2 holes behind you in a v shape, and hit the rock in the northwest corner.) done properly you get 8500 a day. shake trees.

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    To grow a coconut tree plant it by the beach. Usually just about one square in from the sand will do it.

    The house will get to have a large main room, and then rooms to the left, right, and the back of the house, and a second floor (and the save room gets moved to the third floor)

    Planting lots of trees can make you alot of money. I replaced most of the regular trees in my town with fruit trees and as soon as the fruit grows I sell it and let it start growing again.

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    you have to plant the coconut tree near the beach (but not too close to the water!)

    also to earn money... go around your town every day and take the shovel and knock every rock. You will hit one that will pop out a bag of bells. keep hitting it until all the bags dont come out anymore.

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    For the coconut plant idk.

    For money, i do fossils *you can fast forwards time with that* or i fish alot, i get alot of rare fish and sell them

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    well you do have to fast forward time you go to january 1, and any year and your mom will send you 10,000 coins. (make sure the year is past the year you are on) alo your houe can get really really big. my friend has the biggest house it has like 10 rooms and tree floors. i dont know whats wrong with the plants though

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    okay.i have been playing animal crossing for a very long time.and if you want to grow coconuts you have to plant it near the beach/(prefererly on the sand) okay,you house can grow up to a mansion with 8 rooms 1 big and the rest would have to pay off your debt though.also,if you dont have money to pay off your debt you can sell fruits from your town (not your original ones,but other fruits you may got from other towns.(each 500) so it would really help.also if you still need money,i have plenty so i can give you about 500,000 yeahh.just e-mail me back give me yuor name town and freind code and ill give you mines.hope you enjoy your game!

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