Question about DMV Laws in North Carolina:?

If your license plate is revoked for 30 days due to no insurance. Is your drivers license effected by this???

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  • 1 decade ago
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    According to the North Carolina driver's manual, yes your license is affected. You get a 3 point violation for no insurance.

    To avoid the points, and any possible fines, turn the plates in ASAP

  • 1 decade ago

    You don't have the option to turn in the tag. It's taken by the officer if has no Ins. The tag is dead and will be turned in to DMV by the officer. You will be charged for operating a motor vehicle upon a street or Hwy without having in full force the finical responsibility required by NC law. Yes, your license will be effected if convict of same.

    Source(s): USPD
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    4 years ago

    particular a sparkling north carolina regulation that took consequence from jan 2007 pronounced that in case you fail to have criminal duty in this state for continious coverage NC regulation DMV can (and could) revoke your lisence for 6 wks and there is no longer something which you're able to do to get them back will have been greater advantageous off to get a DWI b/c a minimum of you're able to desire to maintain on with for worry .in the event that they did take your tag then call up Raliegh b/c they're going to permit you realize swifter yet is there a regulation that asserts they are able to take your DL right here particular and do they particular b/c i had some consumers they did that to for that distinctive reason.good success

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