What are your first thoughts about Colombia?

I'm Colombian, from the city of Cali. I currently live in the US, and I've heard many bad things said about my country. Things such as hot, humid, tan people, jungles everywhere, crack, drugs and guerilla warfare. Even though Colombia is closer to the equator, Bogota has a daily temperature of about 60 degrees, and it recently snowed there. I'm not saying that these things don't happen, but they mostly occur near mountains and rural areas. The cities are actually safer. Also, not all Colombians or hispanics have tan skin. The majority of us have light skin. I just got tan when i moved to Florida.

Before you put your thoughts, take a look at this:

This is Cali


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This is Bogota (hail storm)


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What do you think? = )

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    shakira, shakira thats my thought lol

    unfortunantely colombia has a very abd reputation but there are always two sides to the paper, remember that

    sigue palante y que se joda to el mundo que diga algo malo de colombia! LOL

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    fvck fifa rankings, seriously how on earth do some soccer federation get their points multiplied. I do agree that mexico needs better opponents so chepo will stop being a puzzy and grow some balls and actually get some progress done. fifa is biased jacking up teams that have had little or no official match to dispute. colombia had the same amount of partidos as mexico did except like others said uruguay #2, chile around high rank so its logical that you get a good boost. 18 is not really far from 19

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    "Also, not all Colombians or hispanics have tan skin. The majority of us have light skin."

    Why are you denying the Indian and Africans in Colombia?

    Are you trying to impress Americans?

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    Daisy Fuentes

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  • My first thoughts are always about Bogota, running through the equator and its flag.

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    1 decade ago

    my ex whom was colombian and i wouldnt mind getting back together with =D

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