Rate fantasy baseball team?

Rate fantasy baseball team?

8team league

any weaknesses or strenghts..players i should pick up

Also Josh hamilton is available should i pick him up?

1. (4) Matt Holliday OF

2. (13) Ryan Braun 3B

3. (20) Grady Sizemore OF

4. (29) B.J. Upton 2B,OF

5. (36) Justin Morneau 1B

6. (45) Brandon Webb SP

7. (52) J.J. Putz RP

8. (61) Dan Haren SP

9. (68) Roy Halladay SP

10. (77) Vernon Wells OF

11. (84) James Loney 1B

12. (93) Delmon Young OF

13. (100) Brad Hawpe OF

14. (109) Bobby Jenks RP

15. (116) Yovani Gallardo SP

16. (125) Jason Isringhausen RP

17. (132) Clay Buchholz SP

18. (141) Ryan Theriot 2B,SS

19. (148) Joba Chamberlain RP

20. (157) Jeremy Hermida OF

21. (164) Jonathan Broxton RP

22. (173) Bengie Molina C

23. (180) Heath Bell RP

24. (189) Michael Bourn OF

25. (196) Jered Weaver SP

26. (205) Casey Kotchman 1B

27.ryan garko

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    It wouldn't kill you to try and trade for another closer; I would consider Brandon Lyon, since he hasn't been regarded all that highly so far, Yahoo has him ranked obscenely low, and he's put up nothing but solid numbers for years. That guy is a major sleeper in the Yahoo game. I would probably drop Bourn; I don't think he has any real place on a fantasy roster at this point in time. On the other hand, he's just a bench guy on your team, so if you like him and want to see what he does first, go ahead.

    I'd really be looking to trade for a better catcher. There's no way Molina should be a #1 catcher in an 8-team league. Somebody's got spares, and you need to get them even if it does cost you somebody you really like. You have tons of depth in the outfield. Consider trading Hawpe or Delmon Young for a catcher like McCann or Posada if the owner will go for it... Similarly, it would be better go use Theriot as a bench player if you could swing a trade for a SS like Jeter or Guillen. If not, I would even consider trying to trade Holliday and a throw-in guy for one of the top 2 SS (Reyes, Ramirez) or Braun and a throw-in for J-Ro. You could use the speed those guys would provide. Your team has no real source of steals. If your league is head-to-head, you can afford to just throw steals every weak if you beef up everything else. If it's roto, though, you really can't totally toss a category unless you DOMINATE the others. This team doesn't look that dominant.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Pretty good, I'd work on Pitching

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