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    An oxymoron is a phrase in which the parts are contradictory or incongruous in one of several ways. Often, at least one of the words in an oxymoron is not used literally or has multiple meanings, or there’s some shorthand being used, and the apparent self-contradiction arises from this. To understand more about what an oxymoron is, let’s look at some examples

    A Fine Mess

    A just war

    A little big

    a little pregnant

    A new classic

    absolutely unsure

    abundant poverty

    academic fraternity

    Academic sorority

    Accidentally on Purpose

    accurate estimate

    accurate horoscope

    accurate rumors

    accurate stereotype

    acrophobic mountain climber

    Act Naturally

    active retirement

    actual reenactment

    acute apathy

    acute dullness

    adult children

    Adult male

    advanced BASIC

    advanced beginner

    Affirmative action

    affordable housing

    aging yuppie agree to disagree

    Airline Food

    airline schedules

    all alone

    All natural artificial flavor

    alltogether separate

    alone in a crowd

    almost candid

    Almost done

    almost exactly

    almost pregnant

    Almost Ready

    almost safe

    almost suddenly

    almost surprised

    almost totally

    alone together

    amateur expert

    American culture

    American education

    American English

    amicable divorce

    among the first

    Amtrak schedule

    Anarchy Rules!

    anonymous colleague anticipated serendipity

    anticipating the unanticipated

    Anti-Missile Missile

    anxious patient

    apathetic interest

    apathetically urged

    Apple tech support

    approximate solution

    approximately equal

    arms limitation

    army intelligence

    arrogant humility

    Artificial Grass

    artificial intelligence

    assistant supervisor

    astronomically small

    athletic scholarship

    Aunt Jemima Light

    Auto Pilot

    authentic replica

    authentic reproduction

    authoritarian anarchy

    awfully good

    awfully nice

    Awfully pretty

    baby giant

    baby grand (piano)

    bad health

    bad luck

    Bad Sport

    balanced insanity

    balding hair

    Ball Club

    baggy tights

    Band Jocks

    bankrupt millionaire

    barely dressed

    Barenaked Ladies

    (the rock group)

    bass guitar

    battle ready

    Beaucractic efficiencies

    benevolent despot

    benign neglect

    Benign Tumor

    better than new

    beyond infinity

    big baby

    big detail

    big sip

    big town

    bigger half

    bingeing on moderation

    bipartisan cooperation

    bird dog

    birth control

    Bitter Sweet

    Black Gold

    (slang for crude oil)

    black light

    Black Russian

    blameless culprit

    bland spice

    blind eye

    blind viewer

    blue rose

    Blurry vision

    boneless ribs

    books on tape

    border control

    boring court jester

    boring entertainment

    born dead

    boxing ring

    boyish grandpa

    brave politician

    brave wimp

    brief speech

    brief survey


    bright night

    bright rain

    bright shade

    brilliantly dull

    budget deficit

    Bug Fix

    Bug-Free code

    bug-free software

    build down

    bull riding

    buried alive

    burning cold

    business casual

    Business Ethics


    cafeteria food

    Calculated Error

    calculated risk

    calculated spontaneity

    California Culture

    California expressway

    California style

    calm storm

    calm winds

    camping resort

    Canadian Bacon

    canned fresh

    cardinal sin

    Caring Republican

    casual chic

    casual dress

    casual formality

    casual intimacy

    casual sex

    casually concerned


    Cautiously Optimistic

    cavalier concern

    center around

    Central Intelligence Agency

    centrally-planned economy

    Certain risk

    certainly unsure

    chaotic organization

    cheap gas

    cheerful pessimist

    cheerful undertaker

    cheerfully cynical

    cheerfully mournful

    Cheese Steak

    Cherokee Pioneer

    (name of U.S. car)

    Chicken fajitas


    chilling fever

    Chinese chop suey

    Chocolate 'Nilla Wafers

    Christian evolutionist

    Christian gangster

    Christian militia

    CIA cooperation

    civil disobedience

    civil engineer


    Civil Servant

    civil service

    civil strife

    Civil War

    civilized warfare

    classic new homes

    classic rock & roll

    clean air

    clean boy

    clean coal

    clean dirt

    clean kill

    clean litter

    clean oil

    clean toilet

    clear as mud

    clearly ambiguous

    clearly confused

    clearly misunderstood

    clever fool

    click the start button to shut down

    Clinton principles

    climb down

    clogged drain

    close distance

    cluster bomb

    co-ed fraternity

    co-ed sorority

    cold fever

    cold hotdog

    cold sweat

    cold toast

    Collective liberty

    College algebra

    college education

    college student

    colorless kaleidoscope

    combative apology

    comedic tragedy

    Comfortable bra

    comfortable neckbrace

    Comfortable tights

    commercial art

    committed schedule

    committee decision

    committee schedule

    Common abnormality

    Common courtesy

    common sense

    Common phenomenon

    communist party

    comparatively unique

    Compassionate Conservative

    compassionate editor

    Compassionate management

    Complete separation

    completed research

    completed website

    completely destroyed

    completely educated

    completely succinct

    completely unfinished

    component parts

    compulsory volunteers

    computer jock

    computer science

    conciliation court

    concrete pad

    confident fear

    Congressional accountability

    Congressional action

    Congressional cooperation

    Congressional Ethics

    Congressional oversight

    Congressional responsibility

    Congressional wisdom

    conscripted volunteer

    Conservative Democrat

    conservative liberal

    considerate boss

    consistent discrepancies

    consistent uncertainties

    consistently inconsistent

    conspicuously absent

    Constant change

    constant infrequent

    constant variable

    constructive ambiguity

    constructive attitude

    constructive criticism

    constructive negativity

    Continuing resolution

    contra aid

    contra assistance

    controlled enthusiasm

    controlled chaos

    controlled skeptic

    controlled-market economy

    convenience store

    conventional wisdom

    Convergent Evolution

    corporate conscience

    Corporate Culture

    corporate ethics

    corporate family

    corporate planning

    correctional institution

    council action

    countless numbers

    Country Music

    cowardly lion

    crash landing

    Creation science

    creative destruction

    criminal cop

    criminal justice

    criminal system

    crisis management

    critical acclaim

    cruel kindness


    current history

    Curved Line

    customer satisfaction

    customer service

    daily special

    dangerously safe

    dark day

    dark light

    dark star

    dark victory

    Dead livestock

    dead right

    deaf listener

    debugged program

    defensive strike

    Deficit spending

    definite maybe

    degradable plastic

    deliberate mistake

    deliberate speed

    deliberately thoughtless

    delicious torment

    demanding patient

    Democratic Congress

    democratic leadership

    democratic machine

    Department of Interior (responsible for everything outside)

    Deregulation Law

    designer beer

    designer jeans

    desktop publishing

    detailed summary

    devilish angel

    devout atheist

    diet ice cream

    different pattern

    diligent sloth

    diminished confidence

    Diminishing growth

    diminutive giants

    dim light


    Dining hall food

    direct circumvention

    disaster preparedness

    disciplined gluttony

    discretionary rules

    disposable income

    disposable products with a lifetime guarantee

    distant relative

    divided unity

    divorce court

    Dodge Ram

    Doing Nothing

    dollar value

    domestic bliss

    domestic cooperation

    domestic violence


    double solitaire

    Doubting believers

    drawing a blank

    dress pants

    Dressy Casual

    driving pleasure

    Droning Silence

    Dry beer

    dry creek

    dry humor

    Dry Ice

    Dry Lake

    dry martini

    dry pond

    dry snow

    Dry Wine

    dull acupuncturists

    dull knife

    dull needle

    dull roar

    dull shine

    dying is a part of life

    dynamic monotone

    dynamic stability

    easy labor (childbirth)

    easy payments

    Easy problem

    easy task

    easy to follow directions

    economic forecast

    economic reform

    economic stability

    educated consumer

    educated guess

    educational administration

    Educational television

    Educational TV

    effective compassion

    elected king

    elementary calculus

    elevated subway

    elite rabble

    eloquent silence

    energetic exhaustion

    enough time

    enormously small

    Enquiring minds

    entertaining sermon

    enthusiastic indifference

    Environmentalist bumper sticker

    equally diverse

    equal justice

    equal opportunity

    ergonomic keyboard

    Escaped inmate

    eschew obfuscation

    essential luxury

    essential service

    eternal life

    ethical hackers

    Ethiopian Feast

    ethnic cleansing

    European Community

    evaporated milk

    even odds

    evolutionary fact

    evolutionary technology

    Evolutionary Theory

    exact estimate

    executive assistant

    Executive decision executive secretary

    expected serendipity

    expected surprise

    Expect the unexpected

    explicit innuendo

    explicitly ambiguous

    express bus

    express line

    express mail

    express ways

    expressive silence

    Extended Deadline

    extensive briefing

    Extinct Life Form

    extra oridanary

    extra money

    extra time

    extremely average

    extremely bland

    extremely neutral

    Eyes Wide Shut

    faculty cooperation

    faculty understanding

    fail safe

    fair reporting

    Fair trial

    Fairly Accurate

    fairly explicit

    fairly obvious

    Fallout shelter

    false fact

    false hope

    Family entertainment

    family vacation


    fan fatale

    farewell reception

    Fast BASIC

    fast food

    fast idle

    fast snail

    fast turtle

    fast waiter

    fast walk

    fast-mail service

    fatally injured

    fat-free cream cheese

    faultily faultless

    fearful bravery

    federal budget

    Female gunman

    fiber glass

    Fictional truth

    Fictional reality

    fiery ice

    fighting for peace

    filing system

    final conclusion

    Final version

    finally again

    financially strong savings and loan associations and banks

    fire water

    firm estimate

    firm maybe

    firm pillow

    first annual

    first conclusions

    first deadline

    first string secondary

    first-strike defense

    fish farm



    flexible ethics

    flexible freeze (in economics)

    Floating to the bottom

    flood control

    floppy disk

    Flurry of inactivity

    flying fish

    Foolproof instructions

    football scholarship

    foreign national

    foreign policy continuity

    Forgotten memories

    former native

    former President-for-life


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    A phrase that seems to be contradictory in its meaning. For example, jumbo shrimp or pretty ugly.

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    a phrase in which two words of contradictory meaning are used together for special effect, e.g. "wise fool" or "legal murder"

    Source(s): Encarta dictionary
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    like jumbo shrip.......it is something that is knda oppisite of its self..weird

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