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Poll:- What are You Afraid of ?


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    omg Jo, at this point in my life I'm TERRIFIED of giving birth, I can't believe I'm going to have to have them, OMG, I'm starting to have a panic attack now! lol

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    Bees, Wasps and Dogs jo !! Can you imagine going on a picnic up the park in the summer with me...I'm up and down every 10 seconds lol

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    The dark and heights. I cannot sleep without my T.V. the reason why is because of burgulars I know we have a sucerity system but like one night it might not work and BAM who knows? I know it sounds redicious but I am and also I have never been on a Rollercoaster/Ferris Wheels. I know it sounds ubsurde but I refuse to go on them. Lol I just confessed my fears to The yahoo people and also why I am afraid of it.

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    bees, i had a very traumatic experience when i was like 12 years old... i was playing soccer and stepped on a hive. To make a long story short I was crying my eyes out that day and have been petrified of them ever since.


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    The Tooth Fairy! Have't you seen Darkness falls??? I'm glad I already lost all my teeth!!! Lol.Dying and not being good enough to go to Heaven. Spiders. Someone I love dying.

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    I am not really sure. I know I have fears but I can't seem to remember when asked so I guess in the end my fears are not really all that important if I cannot even remember them. Its weird

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    Heights, even though ironically I'm 6 foot 5.

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    Spiders,darkness,snakes,deep water (like 6 ft. and so on),being in a creepy place with dim lighting i.e. THE SALEM WITCH MUESAM!!!!!!

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    Tornadoes & Surgery

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