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Do the other Taurus people hide their real feelings? Why the astrology say the Taurus has a flip side?

I try to hide the fact sometimes that I get offense, and when I am alone I cry, but sometimes if I am too much hurt I cry in front of the people but I hate it to happen because I feel myself like a manipulator as when the people see you crying they always comfort you. Then in the best case I will hide if there is a problem and I will not talk about it, the next time again and everyone around me would think there is no problem but inside me there is and one day after a lot of time I want to isolate myself and I even I prefer misunderstanding probably then facing the real problem. Why people say Taurus people can become dangerous, it is not true I am very harmless and I can not do anything, I do not dare and I know the consequences so I prefer to withdraw and to obtain my goals trough very different and peaceful means. I want to be stronger and to say openly how I feel but I do not know why I can not.


And why I have to be always so serious about any matter?

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  • Athene
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    1 decade ago
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    Natalie, I received your data. What I think is happening is that you are actually quite Scorpio - your Moon is in Scorpio, conjunct your Saturn and Pluto. These all oppose your Sun, which is in Taurus (as is your Mercury).

    Other Plutonians (Scorpios) in particular (which you say many of your acquaintances are), will be stimulated by your Scorpio vibes.

    Notably, Saturn is a particularly stern, cold planet. Naturally-sensitive Scorpios will be unnerved/drained by it, unless someone in the equation has some insight. Due to the proximity of the Scoprios' Suns to your Saturn, "you" are effectively cooling their Sun (draining the energy from their 'core self'). You might want to read about ' Sun conjunct Saturn' and 'Sun Conjunct Pluto' in Synastry (eg. Google! And Liz Greene's Synastry book/s).

    The good news is that Sun-Moon conjunctions are seen as positive indicators for a good relationship.

    If/as you have a 'disconnect' between your core self (Sun) & the way your think/communicate (Mercury), and the way your feel (Moon); this will be particularly reflected back to you in your relationships, especially when you encounter another Scorpio. Remember Scorps are all-or-nothing, and very perceptive and intense.

    "I feel myself like a manipulator"

    "a lot of time I want to isolate myself"

    "I know the consequences so I prefer to withdraw"

    That's very Scorpio!

    I'll try get back to you again, not least because you and I have some traits in common (eg. Pluto conjunct Moon, Uranus conjunct Jupiter; we both have Sun and Mercury in Taurus yet are very Plutonian), but in the meantime you might like to visit and use the free horoscope features (eg the interactive charts) to learn more about yourself, and/or download a program such as astrolog32 and view your natal chart. It's quite interesting to me, as your planets have a see-saw pattern, indicating you like harmony, yet have these opposing sides of your nature.

    The most comprehensive, accurate, helpful horoscope readings I've seen are by 's Liz Greene. My experience is that, in seconds, her computer can produce a report far, far, more expert than I can. Think about investing in one; I love the reports I've bought there. Us Taureans love value(?) Us Plutonians love psychology and the esoteric(?)



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  • Mary
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    4 years ago

    nah, that's not true. They aren't afraid to say their true feelings, in any situation. unless it's somthing they want hidden for some reason, which is rare. I'd say it's the complete opposite in fact. A taurus woman isn't afraid to say/do anything. And the ones who aren't as out there are still pretty upfront. Like one would say their feelings regardless of what the outcome would be. ( in most cases) unless it's really embarrassing. Like about someone else. even then 80 percent of the time they'll say what they think and as far as letting someone else know what theyre feeling/thinking it's like 100 percent. I suppose if they feel they may "get hurt" or are sure of it or are really into someone they may but it's rare.

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  • 4 years ago

    taurus people hide real feelings astrology taurus flip side

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  • 1 decade ago

    Taurus' are very protective of their hearts. They don't usually let the whole world know they're upset and often do prefer to hold it in until they're alone, or sometimes not even then. Very often they bottle things up, and let things build and build, until finally something happens where they're pushed to the brink...the bull sees red, and anything in its path better watch out! Those occasions are VERY VERY few and far between. Bulls have tremendous reserves of patience.

    Bulls are down to earth, happy go lucky, placid, reserved, calm creatures, slow to react (when everyone else is going nuts!), preferring to not rock the apple cart kind of souls, they just want to be left alone to graze quietly in their pasture minding their own business. They are strong, can be counted on, and our known as the "salt of the earth". But yes...when severely provoked, repeatedly having a "red flag" waved in front of them incessantly, they will eventually paw at the ground, flare their nostrils, drop their head and charge. Might get ugly, but it will be quick, and it was definitely, unquestioningly deserved. And then it will be over, and they'll be back to their quiet, almost serene-like selves, like nothing ever happened. And we have a good sense of humor too! :)

    These occasions are extremely rare and some bulls might never experience them if they're surrounded by people who would never do a bull harm. You sound like the innocent, pleasant, easy going nature, never wanting to be a burden to anyone, sort of "cow". You are being true to yourself, to your sign.

    Source(s): I am one.
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  • 1 decade ago

    Believe me when i say there's no such thing as "star signs"...

    Why do we all feel that we have to look to astrology to tell us how we should feel or what our traits are?

    I used to be sooooooooo hooked on astrology, I would be as it is called "a taurus" also that is until i found god.

    Read the bible it tells you all you need to know about life and how we should be with each other, it tells us how to deal with our feelings and most of all it teaches us how to be better people.

    Dont beat yourself up about it. Take your problems to good, shout at him if you must he is always there for you and will see you through this

    take care

    Source(s): someone who used to be in your shoes
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  • 1 decade ago

    oh my gosh.. im the same as you... im a taurus and i hide feelings and learn to deal with them by myself, i dont like looking for comfort or anything. But i totally agree with u on everything. maybe u should check out ur rising sign.. mine is a scorpio.. so maybe that intensifies my emotions!

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  • 1 decade ago

    this may have more to do with where you are in life, and how your overall emotional health is doing.

    every sign hides feelings at some point and it is very healthy to be able to get these feelings out alone. it is better that way, it is a way to purge them out of your system.

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  • 1 decade ago

    my bf is a tauras and hes does have a flip side and hides his feelings. He is also a liar but that is probably because he is a man.

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  • 1 decade ago

    my brother is a Taurus and hides his feelings...

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think that most Tauruses actually have a flip "phone". Might be a flip "flop". LOL

    Cheer up!!

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