Mother-Son Compatibility?

My birthday is 2/15/1985 and my sons is 12/22/2007. I was wondering if we are compatible and what are the main likenesses and differences in our signs!!

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    Quickly, looks good to me!

    Both Moons in Capricorn (similar emotions, quite business-like, down-to-earth)

    Your Jupiter is conjunct his Moon. (his emotions are similar to your individual, somewhat unusual, sense of humour, and your generous nature) [your Jupiter is in Aquarius, as is your Sun and Mercury]

    Yours Suns are 2 signs apart (very compatible, usually good friends)

    His North Node is conjunct your Sun (his destiny/challenge in life is to become similar to your core self; which suggests that the style he will 'retreat' to when he has difficulties, is the very opposite of your core self and your style of thinking/communication)

    Your Vesta is conjunct his Venus (what he values/loves is similar in nature to your hearth and home)

    His Lilith is opposite your Ceres (his dark, hidden side is the opposite of your nuturing style)

    Your Marses are square (conflicting energy levels, not so bad when you acknowledge this)

    Your Venus is conjunct your Mars, suggesting what you value/love conflicts with what he is easily motivated to do

    Your Uranus is conjunct his Sun-Mercury conjunction (his core being and communication/thinking are similar in nature to your wacky/irrational side)

    Your Uranus is trine his Lilith (your wacky side could stimulate his dark side - you have something of a choice in the matter)

    His Part of Fortune is conjunct your Chiron (the way you have been (will be) wounded, and so heal others, will be similar in nature to a rewarding future for him)

    Your Chiron is opposite his Juno (the way you have been wounded, and tend to heal, will be opposite in nature to the nature of his first long-term partner)

    Your Saturn is conjunct his Juno (what naturally constrains/challenges you will be similar in nature to his first long-term partner, allowing him to experience what you find difficult)

    His Mars is opposite your Neptune (he will be motivated to challenge/take on matters which confuse you; and/or he will counter deceptions you experience (and are maybe blissfully unaware of)).

    By the way, where is his father in your life? I see the way your son is (to be) wounded (and hence he will heal others) potentially could be stimulated by your spouse). [Your Juno trine his Chiron]

    I see your son has only one major factor in the 'Air' element. I suggest you read "Astrology, Psychology and the Four Elements" by Stephen Arroyo - you could use Google to maybe find a download.

    You might find the Liz Greene's child horoscope at, , a good investment.

    Neither of you have anything major in Leo. Leo is associated with Play and Pride, so with more gusto than I usually say, I'm signing off with HAVE FUN , and nurture your self-confidence !


    Of course all the above might all be hogwash!


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  • 1 decade ago

    Here's A Article Below that may help you and some website links below also about parent & child compatibility.

    Aquarius parent - Capricorn


    This cautious serious child can

    flatten the exciting adventures planned by the Aquarian parent. She won't be as

    enthusiastic as you about your great holiday planned for scuba diving with

    dolphins, group adventures or mystery tours. He would probably prefer to go to

    exactly the same place as last year! You won't

    really see eye to eye, but despite your disappointment in your child's serious

    nature, you will find her witty, and her practical nature can give grounding to

    your airy nature. You will have a lot to teach her too - maybe to be less

    fearful, to stand up for what you believe in and learn to follow your dreams


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  • mw
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    1 decade ago

    That site might answer your questions better

    Synastry Chart

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