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Drugs? It's for school!?

What does drugs do to your body?

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    Here’s the real truth about illegal drugs top

    Drugs wear off, but they can cause life-long damage to your body.

    Many drugs are addictive, which means it can be really hard to quit.

    Drugs affect your mind, making it harder to make safe choices and defend yourself in dangerous situations.

    Drug use can lead to unsafe sexual practices, which put you at risk for getting HIV. Learn more about the link between drugs and HIV here.

    Drugs are toxic and are not meant to be in your body. Your body can have an extreme reaction – you can become really sick or even die. This happens to teens every day.

    Drugs make you look ugly! Not only are drugs bad for your health, they can alter your looks dramatically! These pictures show the tragic toll that crystal meth can take on a person's physical appearance. One of the most reported physical and mental effects of the drug is "crank bugs." The "crank bugs" cause a sensation that there are bugs under the skin and the person keeps scratching at them until their arms, legs, faces, and bodies are all scared with sores and blisters.

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    it depends on what drug your talking about each drug is different. dont liste to half these people saying dont do it its bad they have no clue what their talking about and have never done any drugs

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    They make you lose braincells, and they make it to where you lose weight.

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