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Who is the best Point Guard in the West?

Give the top 5 point guards in the west, in the order you feel they go in. Bonus points for a good arguement between who has potential to be the top point guard 5 years from now, and any given argument between who has more long term potential: Chris Paul or Deron Williams.

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    1. Steve Nash

    2. Chris Paul

    3. Deron Williams

    4. Jason Kidd

    5. Baron Davis

    in the next 5 years or so i see paul and williams being the top 2 since nash should be outta the league soon. i also think raymond felton should step up too, he was the 3rd pg taken in the 05 draft so its only right that he gets some attention. devin harris is becoming a great pg too, and since i watched him play college ball, he has great potential.

    and now the great debate between paul and williams. i gotta say paul is gonna be better than williams. paul right now reminds me of gary payton. he can easily score 20+, dish out 10+ assists, and even get a couple of steals. williams is good too, dont get me wrong, but right now paul had a better jump out of the gate. paul won the ROTY, and even went to an all-star game. both will have good careers, but paul is just gonna slightly better.

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    1. Chris Paul

    2. Jason Kidd

    3. Steve Nash

    4. Baron Davis

    5A. Deron Williams

    5B. Allen Iverson

    Paul is head and shoulders above the rest. He is the best in the NBA at point. He scores as well as Nash and Davis, rebounds well for his size, and is a world class defender. Kidd does a bit of everything, except he can't shoot. Nash is a great offensive player, but he couldn't guard a 3rd grader. Davis is a good all around player, but he often times shoots too many threes. Williams is another very good and improving point. Iverson is on the downside of his career, but is still one of the best.

    Paul will still be the best 5 years from now, but look for Deron Williams to move up this list.

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    1. Steve Nash

    2. Chris Paul

    3. Baron Davis

    4. Allen Iverson

    5. Deron Williams

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    Chris Paul. I desire gamers have been chosen via genuine followers who understand hey, cuz as of suitable now T-Mac is going to be the different commencing shelter with kobe from the all-famous individual votes... yet paul has carried out a great interest in N.O. and has them stepping into the final course. nasty nash is doing properly too, however the suns are think to be doing properly and characteristic much greater weapons than the hornets, d. williams is an fairly stable shelter, yet utah has been suffering as of previous due even nevertheless that they had a reliable win over the nash-much less suns. B. Davis is often a triple threat. i nevertheless evaluate tony parker greater of a scoring shelter and much less of a factor shelter because of the fact the spurs pass the ball around so calmly so he would not would desire to avg. 7 to 10 ast a recreation, iverson is in the comparable classification greater of a scorer than a factor yet he certainly does his harm to opposing communities... guy... there are different stable factor guards in the west. yet i nevertheless would desire to pass with chris paul.

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    Nash/Kidd for first and second

    experience, and flash. Plus they both have a tought mentality

    then it's Chris Paul and Brandon Roy, who are young, fast and understand the game. They are so competetive as well.

    the fifth is Deron Williams. He has huge potential, and he's a very intelligent player with a good personality

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    1) Chris Paul

    2) Jason Kidd (now Dallas)

    3) Steve Nash

    4) Deron Williams

    5) Tony Parker

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    1. Steve Nash (hands down #1)

    2. Tony Parker (he just wins)

    3. Jason Kidd

    4. Chris Paul (the heir apparent)

    5. Sam Cassell (the old man's still got it)

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    I gotta go kidd cuz he is the best all around and he makes a team considerably better when he gets there. Like when he joined New Jersey he got them to two chipandships so i gotta go with kidd considering he is one of the point guards there who played in a championship. Besides like parker but i like kidd better than him.






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    1. Nash

    2. Paul

    3. Parker

    4. Williams

    5. Davis

    Paul has the most potential, he already has his team on top of the Western Conference. Williams, though good, doesn't have that kind of impact on his team.

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    paul is an incredible scorer and a good defender.That's why I say that paul is better than nash.Deron makes his teammates better by his plays and davis is an incredible player but has to prove he can stay healthy for at least 75 games

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