what is the best place to live in or around saint louis missouri?

im moving here and i want to make sure that i move to the best possible area. I want to be close to the best shopping and restaurants NOT far away from society this time, like i am now. Also i want to live somewhere with a good school, one that is well known and not one of those small town kind of schools that doesn't have the budget to give their students a good education.

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    I live in St. Louis, but I don’t think I can provide you with much of an answer without knowing more details. The metro area is so spread out that’s it hard to say that one or two areas are good. They all have their strengths and weaknesses.

    St. Louis gets a little confusing: you have the City of St. Louis, which is surrounded on the Missouri side by St. Louis County (these are two separate entities). Within St. Louis Co., there are dozens of municipalities as well as many unincorporated areas (they simply don’t have their own municipal gov’t so are under the control of County).

    Very often you’ll hear locals refer to simply “The City” and “The County.” The County is often subdivided into North County, West County, or South County. There’s also an unofficial Mid-County or Central County, which is in the middle (duh). Some of the municipalities want to be called by their official names; others simply call themselves St. Louis. It took me years of living here to know when I was in what “city.”

    To the west, there’s St. St. Charles County (they don’t like to be lumped under the STL heading). This area contains a lot of urban sprawl.

    Assuming you’re looking for city living, the above should cover your options.

    Of course there’s Illinois aka the East Side. I rarely have cause to cross the river so I’m not much help there.

    I can’t tell you much about schools except that we have lot of small fragmented districts. The City has its own, and then most of the municipalities and several of the unincorporated areas has their own. My suggestion for school info would be www.greatschools.net/

    I would be more than happy to refer you to a buyer’s agent on the Missouri side or if you want to ask me some aditional questions, feel free to e-mail me (click my name). Even if you seek one on your own, I highly encourage you to find a buyer’s agent to help you find the right spot in our patchwork of a city.

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    I've lived in Dallas for most of my life, and I certainly don't find Texans standoffish or Dallas socially horrible. I think you would have had the same experience in any other large city. You've apparently lived in one place all your life and were surrounded by family and friends that you'd had for a long time; you had no experience being in a strange place and not knowing anyone. If you stay in Dallas, I would advise finding and joining groups that interest you -- church, hobbies, professional organizations. I've heard that Events and Adventures, which has a group in Dallas, has a lot of fun activities; I've thought about checking them out myself. However I can certainly understand your missing your family, and going back to St.Louis may be best for you. But in this job market, I would get a good job first before you pull up stakes and go back. Best of luck ---

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