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I got a really great job in another state. Should I leave my boyfriend of 3 years for it?

This job is in WI where I am from. We currently live in FL.


This job is in WI where I am from and all my friends and family are still there. We currently live in FL and he LOVES it here.

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    UUUUMMMMM......Lets see....Huh .......uuuuuu YEA..... You need to think of your future.... And he has not given you a ring and a date...... So you need to think of your self.....He's not thinking of you by wanting to stay in FL....

  • True
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    You didn't tell your age. Can he go with you?

    I'm very career oriented but I'm only 26 and just started my career two years ago. If a job takes me from FL to WI, I would go. But then again my guy would go with me.

    I think you should go for it.

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    If your job means more to you than your boyfriend, then sure leave him. But don't expect him to take you back. After three years, would he want to relocate with you. I don't understand why you are even asking this question. Why can't you get a really great job where you live now?

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    Obviously if your asking you have already made the choice. My suggestion; take your job, if you and your boyfriend are serious enough, the relationship should still continue. Who knows eventually he may move down there with you. Your career is important and would be the strength of any relationship financially.

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    On the one hand, the relationship must not be very important to you or you wouldn't consider leaving him for a job.

    On the other hand, I'd much rather be in the sunshine state than the frozen state of WI.


  • Sean C
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    Unfortunately in today's job market you have to go where the work is. If this is something you really want, (and probably need) to do, I say go. He shoud respect that. I know you love him, but you're not tied down with marriage.

    The best course of action woudl be to find out if he's willing to go with you.

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    Would he go with you?? If not what are his reasons?? Do you see a future with him, or no??

    If pursuing your job is more important than your future with him or you don't see one with him - or he has selfish reasons for not going with you/asking you to stay then by all means, better yourself.

    But the question is pretty vague. There are a lot of different variables.

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    Have you considered:

    Having a long distance relationship?

    Him moving with you?

    Depending on your age, chances of getting another job like that, your relationship, would he do it for you? All up to you.

  • KJ
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    it's 5 degrees and -40 degrees wind chill in WI. do you even know what that is like?

    please reconsider.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ask him to go with you.

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