If the president and the vice-president both die during their term of office - who becomes the president?

And who would be that president's vice president?


And if the new president and vice-president die - who becomes president and vice-president?

What I'm getting is, is there some protocol, some list somewhere in the Constitution or elsewhere that explains all of this?

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    Speaker of the house

    Beyond president and vice President

    The Presidential Succession Law of 1947 addressed the simultaneous disability of both the president and vice president. Under this law, here are the offices and current office holders who would become president should both the president and vice president be disabled. Remember, to assume the presidency, a person must also meet all the legal requirements to serve as president.

    1. Vice President of the United States

    2. Speaker of the House

    3. President pro Tempore of the Senate

    Secretaries of the president's Cabinet now fill out the balance of list of succession:

    4. Secretary of State

    5. Secretary of the Treasury

    6. Secretary of Defense

    7. Attorney General

    8. Secretary of the Interior

    9. Secretary of Agriculture

    10. Secretary of Commerce

    11. Secretary of Labor

    12. Secretary of Health & Human Services

    13. Secretary of Housing & Urban Development

    14. Secretary of Transportation

    15. Secretary of Energy

    16. Secretary of Education

    17. Secretary of Veterans’ Affairs

    18. Secretary of Homeland Security


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    A lot of people will disagree with you. But the thing is even though if you and maybe the entire nation wanted that it would be impossible since its in the constitution that a president may only stay in for 2 terms at the most. Unless we change the Constitution and I don't think we should. President Bush will have to leave office this year. I'm also pretty sure he would be glad to leave office too, being the President of one of the greatest country's in the world is no easy job. Just look how much he has aged in the past 8 years.

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    Speaker of the house would become President in an event failing the President or V.P. to continue to Preside. I am not sure who the VP is when The speaker of the house is made president though. Look back to when Ford was president and find out who his VP was and what position they held prior.

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    If the President and Vice President both died at the same time,

    Then the Speaker of the House becomes President.

    The Speaker would then nominate someone to be VP, then they would have to be approved by the Senate.

    If The President dies, then the VP becomes President and nominates someone to be VP, which then must be approved by the Senate.

    If the VP dies, then the President nominates someone to replace them, and the senate must approve.

    The 25th amendment list what happens.

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    Speaker of the House

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    Pelosi. Speaker of the house. Not sure about VP though.

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    speaker is 3rd in line. whoever is president, they get to appoint a VP. when Agnew resigned, Nixon appointed Ford. when Nixon resigned, Ford chose his VP.

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    the secretary of state

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