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Should John McCain run for chief of National Security, rather than president of US ?

Hell world. I know that the maverick John McCain, is running

for president in 2008. But he lacks the foresight, and is not

capable of handling many of the other issues on the table.

Like the economy, illegal immigration, and health care.

Because war cannot trump personal domestic issues.

It never has, and never will. I think if you had a child who was

killed in a war, you lost your home, and your job, and do not

have health care, then you would not see your life the same.

Ever. (No. These things did not happen to me, but people

I know. ) Anyway. John McCain is a warhawk. He is better

off being head of National Security, than president. Do you

agree, given his past military experience ? Should John

McCain run for chief of National Security, rather than

president of the US ? Best answer wins. ~~~

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    McCain is senile old wind passer with numerous mental problems which he inherited during Vietnam war era. Why would anyone want him as a chief of any security?

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    From your question it appears you do not know that McCain's SONS are ACTIVE DUTY military.

    "Cindy McCain, the senator's wife, talked about their two sons who are serving, one at the Naval Academy, the other in the Marines. At a McCain townhall meeting in Spartanburg, S.C., Mrs. McCain said she supported her husband's run, in part because "it's about my children being safe, my sons particularly, your sons and daughters...that they serve with honor and dignity and come home with dignity."

    He also comes from a military family, so unlike too many, he has put HIS life on the line and knows others who serve.

    You say he's not able to handle the other issues on the table--another assertion. He has addressed EVERY issue you claim he's incapable on.

    He has a LONG STANDING record of being anti-pork. He has talked about the need to reduce government spending and relieve the tax burden on the working man.

    He doesn't get immigration--and neither do the Dems. However, when the public was clear about "enough with the amnesty already" he listened.

    As to health care, what do you think the Dems are doing? READ their plans and you will see it is NOTHING. They are NOT reforming health care. They are KEEPING private insurance without reformation. Hillary will FORCE you to buy insurance, Obama will only force you to buy insurance for kids.

    There are a significant number of people who have medical bankruptcies. About 1.5 million folks a year declare bankruptcy. More than half are over medical bills. Of those, 75% have health insurance.

    "Aldrich’s situation is "asinine" but increasingly common, said Dr. Deborah Thorne of Ohio University. Thorne, co-author of a widely quoted 2005 study that found medical bills contributed to nearly half of the 1.5 million personal bankruptcies filed in the U.S. each year, said that ratio has likely worsened since the data was gathered. ... Like Aldrich, Thorne said, three-quarters of the individuals in the study who declared bankruptcy because of health problems were insured."

    OK, having insurance is NO protection against bankruptcy. Until the people demand contract and antitrust law be enforced just giving ANOTHER gift to the insurance companies at taxpayer expense (Hillarycare) will do NOTHING.

    Romney instituted Hillarycare in Taxachusetts and it's a BOMB:

    "Massachusetts announced that spending on its health care plan would increase by $400 million in 2008, a cost expected to be borne largely by taxpayers."

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    McCain has some good ideas on the subject which is NOT a federal issue.

    And no one "runs" to head up HOMELAND Security--it's an appointed office--so no, he should not "run" for that when he could be Commander-in-Chief--the only one of the major candidates QUALIFIED for that job.

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    1 decade ago

    Forget about Chief of National

    In my Opinion, John McCain should 'RUN' for the Door!

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    1 decade ago

    Health care is not the governments responsibility

    McCain is by far the most qualified person running

    Hillary has done a little

    Barrack is a good actor

    I thought he was a good speaker but even I could give great speeches if the words were not my own

    And to you dems that think McCain is weak on immigration answer me one question

    Why did the majority of opposistion to the border fence come from the DNC?

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  • 1 decade ago

    McCain should NEVER be president. All he cares about is war. He has admitted that he's not too up on the economy. It's a very scarey thought

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    1 decade ago

    The President is the chief of our National Security and I don't agree with a single word you said about John McCain

  • 1 decade ago

    McCain should run for a position where he can hand out tacos at the border once we get amnesty.

  • 1 decade ago

    John McCain should just retire and go spend time with his mother and family.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Amnesty john?

    How about president of Mexico?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I simply do not agree with your characterization of Mr. McCain.

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