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Name your all-time KC Royals Lineup:?

fill out your all-time starting lineup for the KC Royals. please also name 5 pitchers including the starting pitcher. lets see what you guys can come up with. 10 points to the best and most creative lineup.

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    C - Mike MacFarlane - solid catcher; the team has never had a super one

    1B - Mike Sweeney - drove in more than 140 runs at his peak with a .300+ average and 20+ homers

    2B - Frank White - played with the team throughout all of its best years and performed in a variety of rles, even hitting cleanup in the 1985 World Series

    3B - George Brett - barely beats out Joe Randa and Alex Gordon

    SS - Freddie Patek - long-time Royal SS with a great glove

    LF - Willie Wilson - played in left while Amos Otis manned center field; probably the fastest man in baseball when the '80s began

    CF - Amos Otis - Carlos Beltran was better at his peak, but Beltran was at his best for only 1.5 seasons (he was traded in mid-2004) with the Royals, while Otis spent all of his best years with Kansas City

    RF - Jermaine Dye - no, he didn't play with them for a very long time, but he's the best guy of whom I can think

    DH - Hal McRae - longtime Royal leader like Brett and White who was better than White but not as good as Brett

    SP - Bret Saberhagen - won 2 Cy Youngs with the Royals, which accounts for every Cy Young that any Royal has ever won with the team, and won the 1985 World Series MVP, which accounts for every World Series MVP that any Royal has ever won

    SP - Charlie Liebrandt - big winner for the Royals in the '80s whose World Series failures (0 wins, 2 famous losses with Atlanta) have overshadowed his regular-season greatness

    SP - Dennis Leonard - 20-game winner for the Royals bak in the '70s

    SP - Paul Splittorf - ace pitcher for the first Royals playoff teams

    SP - Jose Rosado - 2-time All-Star for KC in the late '90s whose numbers looked worse than they were because of bad run support and a big offensive era

    RP - Dan Quisenberry - may even qualify for the list of best closers ever for any tea,

    RP - Jeff Montgomery - sub-2.00 ERA in 1989, several seasons with 30+ saves in the '90s; played for the Royals throughout the team's disastrous 1990s

    RP - Mark Davis - no good with the Royals, but, when they signed him, he was the reiging NL Cy Young Award-winner, and he can be a lefty specialist

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    Wow now this is a challenge. Here goes:

    Catcher: Mike Mc Farlane

    1st Base: John Mayberry

    2nd Base: Frank White

    Shortstop: Jay Bell

    3rd Base: George Brett

    Outfield: Jermaine Dye

    Outfield: Willie Wilson

    Outfield: Bo Jackson

    Starting pitcher: Dennis Leonard

    Starting pitcher: Steve Busby

    Starting pitcher: Paul Splittorf

    Starting pitcher: Kevin Appier

    Starting pitcher: Bret Saberhagen

    Relief pitcher Dan Quisenberry

    Designated hitter: Mike Sweeney

    Manager: Dick Howser

    Subs: Lonnie Smith, Hal McRae

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    C John Wathan

    1st George Brett

    2nd Frank White

    ss Buddy Buincolana

    3rd Kevin Seitzer

    LF Willie Wilson

    CF Amos Otis

    RF Daryl Motley

    DH Hal MaCrae Bench players UL Washington John Mayberry and Brian Mcrae

    SP Steve Busby

    P Bret Saberhagen

    P Charlie Leibrant

    P Mark Gubiza

    P Kevin Appier

    CL Dan Ouiessenberry Bull Pen Dennis Leonard Vida Blue and Ken Brett

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    C-Darrell Porter

    1B-John Mayberry

    2B-Frank White

    SS-U.L. Washington

    3B-George Brett

    OF-Amos Otis

    OF-Willie Wilson

    OF-Al Cowens

    DH-Hal McRae

    P-Steve Busby

    P-Dennis Leonard

    P-Bret Saberhagen

    P-Paul Splittorff

    P-Dan Quisenberry

    I still use my 1985 World Series Champions key ring.

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    C - Mike Macfarlane (1987 - 1994; 1996 - 1998)

    1B - John Mayberry (1972 - 1977)

    2B - Frank White (1973 - 1990)

    3B - George Brett (1973 - 1993)

    SS - Freddie Patek (1971 - 1979)

    OF - Willie Wilson (1976 - 1990)

    OF - Carlos Beltran (1998 - 2004)

    OF - Hal McRae (1973 - 1987)


    Kevin Appier (1989 - 1999)

    Bret Saberhagen (1984 - 1991)

    Paul Splittorff (1970 - 1984)

    Dennis Leonard (1974 - 1986)

    Larry Gura (1976 - 1985)

    Closer: Jeff Montgomery (1988 - 1999)

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    C - Darrell Porter

    1B - John Mayberry (some people here might not remember him, but he was a very good player for many years)

    2B - Frank White

    3B - George Brett

    SS - Freddie Patek

    LF - Lou Piniella

    CF - Willie Wilson

    RF - Jermaine Dye

    SP - Bret Saberhagen

    SP - Mark Gubicza

    SP - Paul Splitorff

    SP - Kevin Appier

    SP - Dennis Leonard

    Closer - Quiz

    I wanted to fit Buddy Biancalana somewhere just because of his name, but he was a pretty terrible player.

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    What no Steve Balboni for anyone? I loved that guy!

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    can george brett play all positions?!?! :)

    no, umm, i dont think i know royals history well enough, but youve got to have brett in their, willie wilson, concepcion, probably mark gubicza as starter, and of course dan quisenberry closing, and here ends my royals history knowledge

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