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i use a sweet iron bit. does anyone have any tips on how to stop them going rusty??


i use it every day and wash it after so it is clean for the next use. i have read that storing it with a coating of oil helps. has anyone found this to be true??

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    Use them. They are intended to rust a little it makes the metal taste better for the horses. If you use them the rust won't be able to cake on.

    You don't have to wash them after every ride. Only if your horse manages to swipe a bite to eat with a bit on... wash them off if they have food residue on them... not every time you ride.

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    I've used a sweet iron bit for my horse for the last few years and it hasn't rusted visibly. I guess just rinse it with water after every use then dry it. But as someone already said, sweet iron bits are supposed to rust a little. The horses like the taste of it. I still haven't plucked up the courage to taste it myself though! LOL!

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    Sweet Iron bits are intended to rust. It adds to the taste of the bit, and your horse will salivate more, which makes it more comfortable for your horse, as well as hightening the comunication between you and your horse. If the bit is getting too rusty from laying around use it more often. That's the best way to prevent it from getting really rusty.

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    They are made to rust. Sorry but this is natural and necessary for sweet iron and is what gives the 'sweet' flavor which some horses seem to like.

    Letting them rust on the surface and leaving the rust is what they are made to do.

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    I believe the whole point is that it is supposed to go rusty.

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    Nothing you can do.... They rust, It is OK when they do.

    Source(s): Riding for 30yrs Training for 19yrs.
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