i can't print the e-mails.how can i add yahoo!mail to my popup blocker's of allowed sites?

when i try to print a e-mail it's shown a message :"the new window appears to have been blocked by a popup blocker.for best results we recommend that you add your yahoo!mail to your popup blocker's list of allowed sites.some popup blockers will temporarily allow a window if you hold down the ctrl key".end of message.please send me a message with the answer because i really need to print some e-mails.thank you nico

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  • JA12
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    1 decade ago
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    What browser are you using.

    IE - at the top of the main window you should see a yellow bar, click on that and select the option that allows the website to always produce popups.

    Firefox - top left there should be an options button, click on that and select the same option.

    Google Toolbar - Look for the Popups icon and click it.

    Yahoo Toolbar - Look for the Popups icon. Click the menu arrow. Select "Always allow popups from..." Select the link that you want unblocked. Click Allow.

  • 1 decade ago

    you may be able to use your add on tool. click on "Tools" top right and click "manage add-ons". it will take you to the links that are disabled and enabled. just follow the instructions. hope it helps

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