spanish people are white right?

Spanish people are white right?but why do people not consider them white in my life ive seen many spanish people from (SPAIN)and they look european white ive seen some with blonde hair blue eyes brunette all kinds so why do american not consider them white are they just too ignorant and whats latino got to do with this topic they are just mixed spanish and aztec.since all western american countries think if u speak spanish or your from south america they will think ur spanish.. but they are not spanish..only (SOME OF THEM ARE MIXED SPANISH WITH SOME AZTEC OR MAYAN ANCESTERY)why are people so ignorant i am from spain my self and i once went to america and a guy asked me where i am from and i said spain and he was like stop lieing spanish people have brown skin and they look like mexicans..i was angry how ignorant people can be and the lack of easy knowledge for them to understand.


here is a example

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spanish people.

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  • weisse
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    1 decade ago
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    Spaniards are indeed white. Only idiots would deny that they are European and Caucasian.

    I've never seen a Spaniard who looks like the stereotypical Mexican that the American media shows. I pity the people who are so ignorant to think that all Spanish speakers look the same. Even in South America there are many people with only European heritage.

    I am also Spanish and I many of my relatives have light eyes, blonde hair and pale skin. I myself always get asked 'how come you can't tan, you're Spanish?' because apparently we are all very dark. It doesn't help when people say they are 'Spanish' but they actually are Latin American. Or how Antonio Banderas is shown as the typical Spaniard.

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    • Juan4 years agoReport

      Thank you Weisse for your answer. To the other people I only want to say that race is the most unuseful word ever created, mainly because you won t ever say that one race is better than other race because it will clearly racist. We are humans, not rabbits or dogs to be classfied with race terms!

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  • kendry
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    3 years ago

    Spanish For White

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Why are we talking about Italians and other southern Europeans? The topic was about Spaniards! In America Italians ARE considered white. Believe me, I'm an Italian American and light skinned. We may have not been considered 'white' when we first emigrated in droves during the late 19th century but the country was a lot different then.

    It does bother me that many Americans are ignorant and don't consider many Spanish-speaking people to be white even though Spain is in Europe and there are plenty of Latin Americans of whole European descent. But trust me, even the darkest skinned Italian in this country is legally considered white and can not by any means acquire minority status or benefits.

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      4 years agoReport

      samething about irish they say Irish wasn't white too

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  • 5 years ago

    Spain is made up of a mixture of many different white ethnic groups and only white ethnic groups

    original to Spain and Portugal? The Celtiiberians. Iberians were native to the Peninsula and not African.

    Then came the Romans. Then came the Germans. Then came the Ara/berbers.

    Because Arab/North African Berber is considered caucassoid, any mixture of all the European groups mentioned above and a semite, is also white.

    However, most Spanish people of today are not mixed with Arab, Berber (northern) or jew. Most are straight up European stock.

    Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz represent the darkest the Spanish get, yall, this is no joke. IT is the absolute truth. Sometimes, I think the Spanish are whiter than other southern Euros because of this..................

    I lived in Valladolid as a child and I look like Penelope Cruz and I was the darkest in my class, no joke. I swear it on the bible.

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    • Emilia4 years agoReport

      Believe me, when you live at the very southern of spain, people can get a LOT darker than penelope cruz. Im not surprised you were the most tanned, you comefrom the north!

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    you guys must rally be a bunch of morons to even discuss this topic. Dou you know how many peoples and cultures speak Spanish? More even than English. And if you see that a guy speaking English is not white, do you therefore assume that the English are not white? Spanish speakers, like English speakers, can be any race, including Amerindian, black and Asian, but Spaniards, like Brits, are white Europeans.I worked in Spain for a long time, and I can assure you that it is a very white ccuntry, far more than America, which is hugely mixed. And by the way, that is why I like America better.

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  • 4 years ago

    Those dumba$$ Americans are more likely to accept an octaroon or albino as white based on their "light" looks over a Spanish person because they associate the word with mestizos and south of the border native Americans. I wish it was a joke but sadly it's not. The American education system is the real joke here LOL.

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  • 5 years ago

    this is the most idiotic thing ever , Greek, Romans, Arab all this ancient civilization have never used this term white to describe them self. they always had so many different color shades from brown to blonde. they are indeed a Caucasian race and the term white was not acceptable. at the time the very pale nations like Germanic people they were actually less favoured and maybe they could be described as white people.

    white term started to be used during the colonization period and mostly by English people, but it is a superfical term who would use a color skin to describe a whole different races!?

    spanish and italian were never accepted as white people when they 1st arrived to usa since they never had blonde nor light eye color and also spanish or italian people they don't look like english people at all even if they were a Caucasian race by the people not the government since arab , italian and spaish they were considered white and granted citizenship. people all the time change their standards in how they perceive others. now if you are like 3/4 white u still be considered white but before u have to be fully white.

    so italian or spanish are a race of their own they are Caucasian and the term white is not the proper term to be used

    if an spanish person lived in germany or uk he will not be considred white as one of them and alot of them have been going throw racisim in Australia since they don't have gray eyes pale skin nor blonde golden hair

    i have seen very white spanish but still they dont look english or north European at all , but they have more common with arabs and greeks

  • 4 years ago


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  • Mary
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    4 years ago

    For the best answers, search on this site

    Plain white? hmmm Just use Arborio rice (this is a small or medium grain rice that looks thicker than your general long grain). Cook it according to directions

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  • 5 years ago

    I live in Spain. Many people in Spain look like a mix between caucasian and arabic people.

    • Santiago4 years agoReport

      I wouldn't say Arabic, their influence is very little in Spain, it's more likely to be Iberian. ->

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  • ?
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    3 years ago

    Will depend on the person. I have aircraft black hair and it looks excellent on me, and I have friends with blonde hair that looks fantastic on them.

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