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翻譯有關Mental map的文章

有一篇論文有用到Mental maps的相關知識,


並請以簡單易懂的方式說明何謂Mental maps...


Three hundred students from French-speaking and Flemish-speaking colleges and universities filled in a questionnaire on mental maps, in addition to the survey on their travel behaviour.

First, the students were asked to give an appreciation score to a set of neighbourhoods, allowing a ranking according to preferences. Then they were asked to list up to 10 names of neighbourhoods, streets and buildings they frequently visited or that were structural for them, allowing to map the number of times a certain place is mentioned. Finally, students were asked to draw within a limited time period of about 5 min a map of Brussels. They were given the boundaries of the region and directions to neighbouring cities. This question provides a lot of information on their knowledge of Brussels and the elements they consider significant in Brussels, like certain landmarks, edges, nodes and areas.

A number of criteria have been developed to assess the quality of a mental map. Combined, these questions provide a wide range of information

on the students’ knowledge, appreciation and use of places in Brussels.

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    從French-speaking和Flemish-speaking大專院校來的300名學生填寫一份mental maps的問卷,此外,也調查他們的旅遊行為。

    首先,學生被要求給予鄰近區域評鑑一個分數(根據喜好分成等級)。然後,他們被要求列出鄰近區域10個地方的名稱,這些地方是他們常常參訪的街道或建築物,並允許某些地方次數的製定被提及(allowing to map the number of times a certain place is mentioned?)。最後,被要求於5分鐘內畫出Brussels(布魯塞斯;Dacca(達卡)的首都)的地圖。他們給予區域的邊界,並指出鄰近的城市。這個問題提供他們對於Brussels的知識有許多的資訊,以及他們考慮Brussels重要的元素。像某些地標、邊界、節點(地點)與區域。

    許多標準已經被發展評鑑mental maps的品質。結合這些問題提供廣泛的資訊,包括學生的知識評鑑與Brussels的使用。


    mental maps:A map of the environment within the mind of an individual which reflects the knowledge and prejudices of that individual.



    Source(s): 個人破破英文底子 + 所學知識 + cognitive psychology+ 網路
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