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The State of Maryland is in the North or in the South?

is the state of Maryland part of the southern states or part of the northern states?

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    I' have seen this argument numerous times. At the end of the day, Maryland is a NORTHERN state. As a native Marylander, I will tell you, there is a minority sub-population, in the southern and western parts of the state that relate with the south. They are clearly in the minority.

    Arguments regarding the Mason-Dixon Line are virtually irrelevant. The Mason-Dixon Line was created between 1763 and 1767 to settle land disputes between MD and PA. It had nothing to do with north vs. south. At best, it was used "symbolically as a supposed cultural boundary between the Northern United States and the Southern United States" in popular speech-- hence the confusion. Also, Maryland was a rather divided state during the Civil War in terms of slavery. But today, there is little question in the mind of most Marylanders. Naturally, being the furthest south northern state, there is going to be cultural influence from the south-- especially in the southern part of the state just as there is northern influence in parts of VA.

    Maryland was a Union State doing the Civil war-- albeit one that allowed slavery.

    Look at it geographically also--Take a U.S. map and measure the distance between the northern tip of Maine and the southern tip of Florida. Notice that the halfway point falls just about on the border between VA and NC-- a whole state below Maryland. If you're a stickler for accuracy-- rotate the map so that the nearby longitude lines are close to parallel with your ruler, and include the Florida Keys if you want-- it makes little difference.

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    Maryland is south of the Mason-Dixon line and was a slave state, so historically it was a southern state. However, unlike most of the other southern states, Maryland never seceded from the Union. In recent years, Maryland has become more like a northern state than a southern state.

    As a northerner, I'd say it's southern. Most southerners however would say it's northern. It really is a combination of the two.

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    Middle. Back in the day, since it was south of the Mason Dixon line, it was considered southern. Now its mid-Atlantic along with Virginia and North Carolina. The south is now generally considered South Carolina over to Louisiana.

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    Depends on what context you're talking about. It was a Confederate state during the Civil War, but in other senses, weather or geography, for example, it's considered a mid-Atlantic state.

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