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Where can I buy a real live owl?

I need to find where i can get an owl so I can buy one for my moms birthday and i think it would be a great gift for her help please :)

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    It depends on the country you live in. It is illegal to keep an owl as a pet in the US and in Canada; but several types of owls may be owned and kept as pets in the UK.

    In the US, all native migratory birds are protected under federal law (Migratory Bird Treaty Act), and owls are further protected by various state and federal laws. It is illegal to keep a protected bird unless you have the required permits, and these permits are never given for the purpose of keeping an owl as a pet. Some people who may be licensed to keep owls (but NOT as pets) are licensed wildlife rehabilitators, certain ornithologists and wildlife biologists who demonstrate a need to have an owl for research or educational purposes, certain zoos, and some falconers.

    The penalty for violating the Migratory Bird Treaty Act includes fines of up to $500 and jail time of up to 6 months ( ); for hawks, eagles and owls, the penalties can be much higher.

    In Canada:

    "According to the Owl Foundation:

    "Can I buy an owl?

    No. It is illegal to buy, sell or trade owls in Canada. In fact, without the proper permits, it is illegal to be in possession of any of our birds of prey (alive or dead). This includes feathers. Keeping owls requires not only permits, but a sound knowledge of owl requirements, species and Strigiforme life history."

    In Great Britian:

    "Legal to Keep Owls in the U.K.

    The concern has been an issue mainly in the United Kingdom, where it is legal to buy and keep owls. In the United States, keeping owls as pets is illegal under most circumstances due to their protection under various federal, state, and local laws, such as the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918.

    In the United Kingdom, a snowy owl like Hedwig, who serves as Harry's messenger/pet in the Harry Potter movie, can be bought for about 400 pounds (U.S. $576), said Thurston."

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    As everyone else has already said, it's illegal. Unless of course you and your mom wish to go through falconers training, which only takes a few years. That is if you can find a master falconer to sponsor you. The at which point you would have to build an outside enclosure that is some 35 feet long minimum of 12 feet high and 15 feet wide, it's called a flight pen. Which also has to be inspected every year by your local wildlife game officials. The average falconers license is about 125.00 dollars a year and the permits for the owl run between 60 and 125.00 dollars depending on the State you reside in. Even after all this again depending on the State you may have to catch the owl your self. Perhaps you should consider an owl pillow for your mom. There is much less red tape to go through.

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    Get in touch w your states Department of Natural Resources (DNR). You will be able to look on their website for regulations on falconry. Becoming a falconer is the only way to legally obtain & keep an owl or other birds of prey in the USA. You have to be an apprentice w a licensed falconer in good standing for 2 (possibly more) years. You have to pass tests by your states DNR. Also, you're required to get a permit from the US Fish & Wildlife service. The state/federal agencies also come around to inspect your mews (owl housing), it must meet certain standards but you learn this during your apprenticeship. After obtaining your license you have to work your way up to holding an owl. You don't actually "own" these birds. Your permit give you permission to "hold" it as long as you meet standards. I assume you are aware that owls have very splatty poop? They have to be fed food that will become full of maggots rather quickly so be prepared to clean that up. As an apprentice falconer you'll learn all this and more. It can be expensive but if you are dedicated to putting the time in I understand it can be a very rewarding endeavor. Hope this was the kind of info you were looking for. You'll notice that whatever hapless animal is featured in popular books or movies, everyone thinks they'll be great/fun/neat/easy pets. Not. But check NY state DNR site.

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    If you have the cash you will have an owl. I suggest going to privately owned pet shops and spending money and time making a good strong relationship with the owner and employees. You may have to do this at more than one shop. You will eventually meet someone who has connections to get you what you want. I got my cobra this way.

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    I want to buy a live owl for a barn and hope it stays close. I don't want to cage it but let it fly free.

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    No no no no no no no

    Are you insane? Please tell me that you're only a really little kid :o

    Ok, owls aren't for pets. They need lots and lots and lots of space.

    You should also never buy a pet as a gift. It's rude, because a person should choose their own pet and have all of their supplies and have a good book and enough money to take care of it BEFORE they buy the animal!

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    Your question peaked my curiousity so I did a brief search of the internet. Nope...not that I would ever think it was a good idea. But they do have owl finches which are really cute. Owls aren't like Harry Potters. They are big, loud, need meat to eat, poop big nasty poop everywhere and they play really rough with even the human they are bonded to.

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    We have a couple of owls..bu this is because my father has a permit, and is keeping them for the RSPCA. the licenses have to be renewed every few years..for ALOT of money.


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    alright, dont buy an owl. owls are hard to buy, you need a permit, and even harder to take care of. if you even get hold of an owl illigally it will be a horrendus burden on you. its like having a two year old, some people say, but its alot worse. like having sextuplet two year olds. #1. they cant be potty trained. #2. They can't be trained and run wild. #3. They need a lot of space and their wings cant be clipped.

    I dont know how much your mom wants an owl. are you sure its not you who wants the owl, and you want to get your mom to take care of it? Im not critisizing you, ive just felt that way. if thats how you feel, dont get any sort of bird. If you want a bird you really have to be willing to take care of it.

    First off their cages MUST be changed everyday. if not they could get very sick, and a sick bird is a lot of trouble and very expensive. Second, they live from at least 12-100 years. If you really want a bird you have to be dedicated. Third, if you make your mom take care of the bird, he will love your mom, not you. Birds pick favorites. If you want a bird, you cant have any regrets. Giving away a bird or selling one or dying before the bird is traumatizing for the bird.

    If you really are dedicated enough to have a bird i recomend a few first bird types. Hand Fed Budgie. Lives 15 years, very small and smart, one of the more low maitenence birds. (Always get a hand fed bird (or weened), they are much kinder to humans and are trained to think of humans as their "pack".) Also cockatiel. I had a cockatiel, and they are wonderful pets. Quaker Parrots are also good starter birds. Seriously. get a small starter bird before you try a harder bird like an african grey, amazon parrot, macaw or eclectus. These birds are HIGH MAITENENCE, and they live up to 100 years, if you want a bird like this, you honestly needbird expirience to take care of them.

    If you think your going to get bored of your bird, or if youve ever got bored of a pet before dont get a bird.

    I know this may not be what you want to hear, but its something that all people NEED to know before getting a bird. I hope i helped.

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